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While ACI gives no limitations on maximum anchor diameter, for anchors beyond this dimension, the testing authority should decide if the tests described. Click here to preview This standard prescribes testing programs and evaluation requirements forpost-installed adhesive anchors intended for use in concrete. Concrete in Accordance With ACI and the IBC . Qualification of Post-Installed Adhesive Anchors in Concrete (ACI. ).

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Test is required qci for anchors having cross-sectional area within five anchor diameters of the shear failure plane that is less than that of threaded bolt having same nominal diameter as anchor.

The use of a clear polycarbonate tube to simulate blind injection conditions, as shown in Fig. Based on round-robin tests establishing a bond strength above or below the ITEA value the reported bond strength is adjusted up or down.

ACI : Qualification of Post-Installed Adhesive Anchors in Concrete and Commentary

Following application of load to the anchor sufficient to remove any slack in the loading mechanism, begin recording the anchor displacement, and increase the tension load on the anchor to Nw as given by Eq. Drilled holes for thermocouples shall have a maximum nominal diameter of 13 mm and shall be sealed in ack a manner that the temperature readings reflect the concrete temperature.

Because these anchors may demonstrate tension behavior that does not conform to the design method deemed to satisfy the anchor design requirements of ACI M, Appendix D, they are not considered in this standard. It is important that the crack width cai devices reflect the crack width at the anchor location. Hold the minimum load applied to the test member constant 29 Fig.


Other standards exist for these purposes. Because the default values are independent of the adhesive anchor system selected, they represent minimum values for the assessment of any 355.4 anchor system under this standard.

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The optional exposure condition is sulfur dioxide 8. One example is underrepresenting the maximum bond strength of the adhesive anchor system.

The characteristic 3555.4 or 5 percent fractile has been selected for anchorage design. Temperature extremes can also affect the installation process, whereby hotter ambient temperatures will simultaneously decrease the adhesive viscosity and accelerate the curing process and colder temperatures will generally increase viscosity and retard curing.

M Qualification of Post-Installed Adhesive Anchors in Concrete and Commentary (Metric)

The rate of temperature rise is intended to be consistent with sun exposure. As such, a 5 percent axi on the ratio of the round-robin bond stress to the reference bond stress is included in the assessment. Participation by governmental representatives in the work of the American Concrete Institute and in the development of Institute standards does not constitute governmental endorsement of ACI or the standards that it develops. Where such restraint is used for example, steel cylinderdimensions of the specimen may be reduced.

While it is assumed that the on-site installation personnel will generally conform to the MPII, the potential for inadvertent deviations from the MPII, particularly with respect to hole cleaning procedures, forms the basis for many of the reliability tests.

Depending on the manner in which the reference tests are conducted, they may also serve as service-condition tests for the system Chapter 8. What are the securities? Significant latitude is given to the engineer of record in determining the parameters of the proof load program, which will depend in large part on the type, size, and quantity of anchors being installed.


The intermediate diameter shall be taken as least 3 mm larger than the smallest diameter and the diameter most closely representing the arithmetic mean of the smallest and largest diameters. Although the core drill is shown, other 21 drilling methods may be used as appropriate. Embed thermocouples a maximum of mm from the surface of the concrete into which the anchors are to be installed.

Jump up to the previous page or down to the next one. The loading punch shall act centrally on the metal element. The upper limit on the ratio of hole 3 Table 1.

Reproduction and Redistribution Restricted: This bond mechanism may not be reliable if the concrete temperature should rise. In prior codes, the minimum concrete 3355.4 strength was 14 MPa.

355.4M-11 Qualification of Post-Installed Adhesive Anchors in Concrete and Commentary (Metric)

Dimensions 3555.4 the test member shall be chosen to avoid splitting the test member during the test conduct. External loads for crack opening shall not be reacted against the test member.

Anecdotal evidence indicates there may be a direct relationship between aggregate types used and bond strength. Upon loss of adhesion, both the anchor element and adhesive material are extracted together from the concrete.