AFI 36-2504 PDF

Effective immediately, Air Force Guidance Memorandum (AFGM) to AFI , Officer Promotion, Continuation and Selective Early Removal. AIR FORCE INSTRUCTIONS (AFI) AFI Fitness Program AFI Systems AFI Officer Promotions and Selective Continuation AFI . AIR FORCE INSTRUCTIONS (AFI) AFI Information Security Program AFI Officer Promotions and Selective Continuation AFI Officer.

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The Customer Service element prepares the selection record when a member is promoted to master sergeant. Include one copy of discharge order in FRGp.

The decision memorandum must be signed personally by the decision authority. Afo MPF element responsible for transfer will: Not maintained in OCSR for officers below the grade of colonel.

Attach one copy of release order. See AFI for procedures that allow for members to file a statement of dispute in military personnel records.

Remove on reassignment or when separated. This memorandum, although addressed to the Master Personnel Records Custodian to preclude unnecessary indorsements, must be sent as indicated in paragraph 2. The individual acknowledges receipt of the notification and submits a statement, if any, of rebuttal, mitigation, or circumstances for consideration figure A4.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. AF Formwhen used as an enlistment order see item The review authority may either concur or nonconcur with the commander imposing the Article 15 and this decision is final.

Use this form to replace any lost or destroyed certificate of service, or like form, issued on release from EAD in the Army. Remove on return from overseas or when separated. Have them sign and date the folder and return it to you. If forms have been screened out under the prior AFIreaccomplishment is not required solely for filing purposes. Give to officers separating from Category A or B unit. Remove 6 years after date of court-martial orders, or on separation.

Air Force military personnel records use the name shown on a birth, baptismal, marriage, or naturalization certificate, civil court order, or other legal document.

“afi” – afi over exposure, afi

CM P Form afii obsolete. CM P Form and governing directive are obsolete. Retain letter until termination of withholding action, on promotion, or separation.

It does not include dismissal as a result of trial by court-martial or dropped from the rolls of the Air Force under Title 10, U. During periods of full mobilization not partialOCSRs will not be maintained or constructed. File in section 4-A if Records of Performance are maintained in separate folders as paragraph 1.


If the individual afk AFI 1 JULY 17 provide missing source documents but believes the record entry to be incorrect, the records clerk complies with paragraph 2.

Remove upon completion of IADT. Evidence Required to Change or Correct Name. July 31, — May 31, Correction of Date of Birth.

Chief Wright to Wfi BoxSt Louis, MOwithin 5 workdays after discharge or transfer. Use registered or certified mail when circumstances warrant it. Military Personnel Flight MPF —The single manager of base-level military personnel systems for all units being serviced–whether on base, geographically separated, or centralized in one location–for maximum economy, efficiency, and service. Remove on completion of current enlistment.