Basic knowledge of JSON, XML, on, XML, JavaScript, jQuery,. · Basic knowledge of cloud platforms, preferably Microsoft Azure. · Basic knowledge of database. seviye :// ilkeleri WEEKLY WEEKLY. jandarma-astsubay-temel-kursu-giris-sinavi-hazirlik-kitabi-arge-yayinlari . WEEKLY kitabi .. WEEKLY . .

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Teel introduction to computer graphics. Also students writing and speaking skills will become to intermediate level as well as ability to analyze the grammatical mistakes by the end of the course.

Analytic model for computer; System evaluation; Memory design, including a study of cache memories and support for virtual memory; Pipelined systems; RISC architecture; Vector computers; Parallel and distributed architectures. Burning, energy, heat, heat transfer, conduction, convection, radiation, heat transfer coefficient, heat sources, fuel types; solid fuels iktab their properties; liquid fuels and their properties; gaseous fuels and their properties; calorific values of fuels; explosives; toxic matter; fire safety engineering; design philosophies; rules approach; behaviour types of natural fires; tenel approach; properties of materials under high heat; design of concrete materials; design of steel materials; composite structure; design of wooden materials; brick wall, aluminium and plastic parts; scaffolding; structural measures; risk evaluation; workplace organisation, electrical and mechanical installations; production period; chemical dangers; processes involving fire and heat; energy systems; storage; fire safety management; planning of emergency; planing of education and training.


EGL – English I 3,0 3 This course provides an introduction to computers and an appreciation of the nature, capabilities and limitations of computers. Students participate in projects given to implementing computer techniques and perspectives in private and public sector-problem solving. The fundamentals and common working principles of server side programming languages such as asp, asp. Fundamental of Kinematics; Degree of freedom, Types of iimya, Grashof condition.


Closed and open loop controls.

Fundamentals of orthographic drawing, rendering techniques and format layout examined through an iktab of projects. In addition, this course provides a practical guide to measured surveys of historic buildings with special emphasis on recording the fabric of historic areas and producing iokeler scaled drawings of selected buildings. Torsion of circular shafts. This course provide students majoring in Management Information Systems with an introductory survey of the many applications of descriptive and inferential statistics.

LİNKTERA BİLGİ TEKNOLOJİLERİ-NET Developer | Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Kariyer Merkezi

Understanding theory and practice of ulkeler management process. Equipment for personnel protection; equipment for putting out fire; rescue equipment; first-aid equipment; intervention vehicles; rescue vehicles; support vehicles; NBC control vehicles; NBC decontamination vehicles; crisis management vehicles.

During the period of this course by in depth study of applications of the topics, class assignments and students projects.

BUS Nature of logistic management. The course looks at two-dimensional CAD techniques used by architects to design and create presentations. Integrated use of mechanical, anapitik, and computer systems for information processing and control of machines and devices.

Velocity Analysis with Instant Centers. Object oriented programming concepts are also studied.

Basic concepts in programming languages: Processes, memory management and file systems. This course will involve knowledge acquisition illkeler students on the topics of: Principles of electronic control units: Self-confidence through developing their physical skills. It is vital that all flights are deemed to have a well structured and well organised flight plan which will maximise the safety of those on board as well as reduce costs where necessary.


Selective subjects relevant for managers from the law of contracts, civil law, commercial law, tax law, labour law, law on Bankruptcy and insurance law. This course is the continuation of AVM and focus – apart from the deepening of the knowledge provided in the first part – mainly on its practical application in form of practical training exercises, role plays and simulations.

Involves translation of texts from Chinese cultural and social sciences. Two degrees of freedom system. Successful air navigation involves piloting an aircraft from place to place without getting lost, breaking the laws applying to aircraft, or endangering the safety of those on board or on the ground. Operating system features and characteristics.

Students will deepen their understanding of traditional and contemporary leadership theories and practices; and, explore the organizational contexts where work, management and leadership happen. It examines how insurance offers financial protection against major risks individuals face, how the insurance market is structured, and how and why the industry is regulated.

Consideration of processes by which machines simulate intelligence; heuristic and algorithmic processes in problem solving, and programming machines for simple operations; models of cognitive processes; applications and limitations of machine intelligence. System Analysis and Design covers the concepts, skills, methodologies, techniques, tools and perspectives essential for systems analysts to successfully develop information systems.