1. Altruism, Cooperation, Generosity – Bereczkei Tamás oldala In one of our experiments (Bereczkei et al. ) we . Bereczkei T. Evolúciós pszichológia. Tamás Bereczkei of University of Pécs, Pécs (PTE) with expertise in: Behavioural így mind evolúciós pszichológiai, mind szervezetpszichológiai kutatásokban. a lélek] (Bereczkei Tamás); Iránytu az evolúciós pszichológiához [Bereczkei Tamás: Evolúciós pszichológia] (Kardos Péter); Intuitív aritmetika.

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We have been pursuing psizcholgia research program that is focusing on the role of humour and laughing in mate choice Tisljar and Bereczkei Results showed that participants rate own-race faces more trustworthy comparing the faces from other race.

Evidence for sexually antagonistic genes? Thus, they were not recruited to perform a particular task, but their behavior was observed in their own environment, in the system of social relationships that they were living in.

Evolúciós pszichológia

Furthermore, many important aspects of social circumstances and personality traits could not be investigated appropriately under these experimental designs. The reproductive consequences of mate choice were found adaptive in a large Hungarian sample: This theory states that individuals who engage in altruistic acts serve their own interests by reliably demonstrating qualities underlying the altruistic act.

Several former research indicate, that cheater detection works at the level of facial judgments. Evolution and Human Behavior 31, Subjects made more costly offers in public groups, while there was a roughly equal chance of making more and less costly offers in anonymous groups. Subjects who were willing to participate in a particular charity activity gained significantly higher reputation scores, measured on a sociometry scale, than others did.


Cohesion within groups in homosexual populations was also found to be much stronger by Kirkpatrick and Muscarella in andrespectively. According to the data, the own-race effect has a significant role int eh evaluation of face trustworthiness. Individual selection can favour cooperative strategies directed towards recipients that have helped others in the past.

An experimental paradigm has been set up to test specific hypotheses concerning the role of humor in the context of short-term and long-term relationships and the differences between sexes in this respect. We have revealed not only that females were more likely than males to prefer resources in mates, even not only that females offering cues of physical attractiveness made higher demands than those who did not, but the better physical conditions the females offered, the higher financial and occupational status they required in potential mates.

Untrustworthy faces might look different from trustworthy faces, but this discrimination is not based only on universal, constant facial cues.

1. Altruism, Cooperation, Generosity – Bereczkei Tamás oldala

The faces differented on trustworthiness, but were derived from the same face identity. Other features of humor could have evolved through sexual selection, and may function as courtship tools in the mating process.

We wish to demonstrate that the anthropologic dualisms and psychic strategies, tqms earlier, are basically the same in each era, they are simply in a different cultural background: Average faces with direct gaze were rated as most trustworthy. In accordance with the costly signaling theory, the likelihood of charity service was strongly influenced by the expected cost of altruistic behavior.

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This responsiveness to the strategic distinction between the presence and absence of others can be also explained in terms of reputation-gaining and competitive altruism.


In our experiments, participants rated the trustworthiness of faces on a 6 point likert scale.

Gaze direction of the target twms affects judgments about perceived trustworthiness. A pszicholggia finding in the cross-cultural literature is that people are able to recognize faces from their own race easier than faces from other races.

Remember me on this computer. Subjects better recognize the photos faces of cheaters than those of cooperators when they do not know who are cheaters and cooperators. Some aspects of humor can be interpreted as a product of natural selection for survival.

On the other hand, within the same race characteristics, judgments were consistent with the level of trustworthiness of the original Caucasian faces. The only solution to overcome homophobia lies in the understanding and acceptance of the biological, social and cultural function, role and necessity of homosexuality, listed above.

Eyes are the most informative part of the face. Back to Previous Menu. Skip to main content.

Machiavellizmus, a megtévesztés pszichológiája

Atlantisz,12 See Symposium by Plato in Hungarian in: Research and theoretical systems of contemporary evolution science ofand have come to the conclusion that the above view is mistaken and not true1. A theory has been based on the above statistic: This means, all 3 faces have the same identity, they only differ in the degree of trustworthiness.

Atlantisz,See Symposium by Plato in Hungarian in: