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Niralayp Nirabaan Niramal NirabairaNirabighanaai Niraalanb Abinaasee Hai He is free of the influence of mammon mayabondage, dross, animosity, hindrances and support.

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji 2. Such a person with renounced and detached inclination is rare to come by. Keyboard to type in Gurmukhi.

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Kabit Bhai Gurdas (Punjabi) – Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji

Lajaa Kul Ankasu Au Gur Jan Seel DeelaKulaabadhoo Brat Kai Patibrat Kahaavaee Because of the good of the family honour, displaying calm and tranquil behaviour before the elders of the house and following the right ethos expected of a married woman, a daughter-in-law of a good family is called faithful and virtuous.

Available on PC Mobile device. The supreme wisdom acquired by the teachings of a True Guru and polluted intellect due to base wisdom cannot be hidden. But this can only be realised after becoming bereft of all lusts and worldly desires and raising the soul to a higher realm.


The state of such a person is beyond elucidation and his views are pure and clear. The sentiment of loving worship destroys the duality from the mind.

He then becomes wise to understand the principles of spirituality. He becomes deceitful and arrogant. Gurmukhi Dhiaan Kai Patisataa Soukhanbar LaiAnaki Patanbar Kee Sobhaa N Suhaavaee By the grace of True Guru, a Guru-conscious person appreciates no other apparel than the comfort giving dress of respect and honour acquired by virtue of perpetual engrossment of the mind in the Lord.

Kabit Savaiye Bhai Gurdas Ji Steek – Part 2

Similarly a human mind acquires good traits in the company of good persons and ill traits when ‘ ‘ ” ” ‘ 15 6 4: Despite coming out of the same ocean, the goodness of nectar and harm of poison is not the same. Satiroop Satinaam Satigur Giaan DhiaanaPooran Sarabamaee Aadi Steeek Adays Kai 10 6 Such a slave of the Guru who by focusing his mind in the Lord regards the indestructible and ever stable Lord permeated in every speck, salutes and pays his obeisance to the force who is the cause of all beginnings.

By the grace of the company of holy people, their mind and vision remains focused in meditation on Naam and glimpse of the True Guru. And when he speaks, his words are sweet mabit full of supplication. By virtue of the meditation on Naam obtained from the True Guru the heart that feels the light effulgence of the Lord, that heart is wondrous and astonishing.

Gurbani Pothi

The reminders for important events are poped as notification. Being of the same form, a pearl is considered good doer while the hailstone causes damage. Welfare and good of all is his stek in life, whereas a person of nefarious intellect en 7 ‘ 17 7 4: Khoi Khoi Khojee Hoi Khojat Chatur KountaMrig Mad Jougati N Jaanat Pravays Kai Just as a deer keeps wandering and searching for the musk that he keeps smelling and is unaware of the means to find it, so would a seeker keep wandering till he meets with True Guru and learns the way of God-realisation.


He is indestructible steek form.

Giaan Ounamaan Mai N Jagat Bhagat BikhaiRaag Naad Baadi Aadi Anti Hoo N Jaaneeai Such true love cannot be found in methods and statements of knowledge, in saying of pious persons in the melodies sung in various modes with accompaniment of musical instruments from one end of world to the other.

By his utterances and expressions, he shows His presence to others as well. He becomes indifferent from it.

The sermon of the True Guru is the divine knowledge. Similarly coming together of obedient and loyal Sikhs of the Guru in the form of a congregation is cons’ ‘ ‘,12 3 4: They themselves become nectar-like by constant meditation on the elixir-like Naam that they keep relishing all the time. A Guru-conscious person listens to the teachings of the True Guru and practices His words in his deeds and actions.

And the unstruck Music emerging from the loving fragrance of God, contains the pleasure of many ni of singing. Thus the teachings of Guru instills sheek whereas bad company fills a person with base wisdom.