Coral Antipollution Systems Home» About Coral. Coral S.P.A. is a global leader in the Pollution Control Industry that supplies products, systems and services. Home / Press Office / Coral Antipollution Systems air-pollution control and dust extraction systems supplier Kentech is supplying smoke and. CORAL antipollution systeme is known around the world for being highly specialized in the production of components, systems and installations designed to.

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The AFON-S rectangular or circular splitter attenuators are particularly suitable for absorbing noise in extraction systems, they are normally assembled on chimneys, in order to reduce the noise emissions outdoors. Mashaba seeks to reignite entrepreneurship, address infrastructure challenges.

Dystems CLEANING DF horizontal cartridge filters are wheeled filters that are used for the extraction and filtration of welding fumes, extraction and filtration of fine and coarse dust, and filtering small quantities of chips. The firm made a large number of industrial filtration of pollutants working on European territory.

The PDD industrial fans are centrifugal fans used for systemx flow rates and medium-high pressures. Wheeled dust separator for the suction of wood dust complete with a plastic collection bag, a switch compliant to EC standard, a polyester filter systemss a steel fan. The AEROIL electrostatic filter is used for the extraction and filtration of oil mist, emulsions and oil fumes in order to retrieve and recycle what was lost.


OLISMOKE is a counter top extractor aimed at extracting tin welding fumes and vapors, particularly suitable for electronics, electrical engineering and radio engineer, anywhere components are assembled on printed circuit using tin welding. Nazeem Martin resigns from Group Five board. The MECMODUL substation is a modular substation with sleeves with continuous automatic unloading, which is used for shavings, dust and wood sawdust filtration.

Almost total oil recovery and subsequent recycling is possible. This carbon filter, characterized by a diamond shape, guarantees a significant duration of activated carbon, in addition to high filtration efficiency.

The PDB industrial fans are centrifugal fans used for low flow rates and medium-high pressures.

Air filtering systems – Coral Engineering Srl

Menu Menu Search By. In the AIRALT cartridge cylindrical filter the air polluted by dust enters the bottom of the hopper and, due to the decrease of the flow speed and the intensive pre collector, the greater size particles settle and are collected antippllution the bin placed below. Please enter the email address that you used to subscribe on Engineering News.


sustems In this way all impurities can be filtered. The filtered oil is collected in the lower part of the separator and flows out through the outlet. Reinforced flexible pipe with black nylon anti-crush spiral for temperature of max. It is mainly used in mechanical or graphical industries and in all antkpollution industries where the air purification from oil mist is needed, also with the possibility of the recovery of the filtered oil. The Planet Medium Pneumatic Inox wet and dry vacuum cleaner is powered by compressed air and can be used where there is no electricity, which could lead to dangerous situations for people.

In the ICEF wet dust collector polluted air is subjected to the hydro centrifugal treatment.

Thanks to the fact it is so small, it can be easily installed either on a wall or on the machine tool. The SNEB defogger separators are designed for the separation from gaseous currents of liquid droplets dragged by the air intake or to delay to the maximum the clogging of a following filter, avoiding costly maintenance. The PRD industrial fans are centrifugal fans used for high flow rates and low pressures.

Coral Engineering Srl has an undisputed strong experience in the field of ecology and a successfully operating in compliance with the pollution of air, water and noise. The SPC Cyclones have two main uses: The Venturi filter is applicable in dust filtration plants in production processes that generate dust which is insoluble in water. The ATEX explosion relief panels are a protection system used in ATEX systems, which allow to put parts which are, in the case of a detonation, at risk of explosion in conditions such as to unleash their devastating force towards a previously organized area, preventing a bomb effect, thereby stopping the filter from exploding and objects being thrown in all directions.

The Jet industrial vacuum cleaner is suitable for manufacturing that produce fine dust, and which must be sucked, such as: The DIVERTER is studied, designed and tested specifically to safely partition production premises where people work from filters and silos and other parts of the system that are connected to each other, in the event of explosions.

Completa la produzione in tutti i settori con prodotti per la depurazione dell’aria tra i quali si evidenziano il banco aspirante ed i bracci aspiranti, e comunque tutti gli impianti per il trattamento aria e per la depurazione fumi. The CFS Special Cyclone Filters are used in the suction and filtration of coarse grain dust, shavings, sawdust, metal powders. Public Protector asks Ramaphosa to discipline Treasury official over dishonesty. Wheeled dust separator for the suction of wood dust complete with thermal switch compliant to EC standards, a polyester filter bag, a plastic collection bag for each filter unit, three-phase, a steel fan.


They are used even for large pieces, as they are available in standard width of 2 to 6 m, with effective height 2. Companies meet new emissions standards with smoke, dust solution By: Enforcing local procurement rules would help offset weak demand. Suitable for the continuous painting of parts, even of large dimensions, the TECNODRY dry painting booth is supplied as standard with lamp and a paper filtering stage, with a two-stage fibre glass filtration on demand.

The settling tank is a separator system of sludge of wastewater resulting from coating processes. Exhaust gas extraction system wall mounted for a work station. Coral develops direct industrial centrifugal fans, centrifugal transmission fans, axial fans, roof fans; in standard version and for potential explosive environmental. Soundproof booths are normally used to encapsulate industrial fans, vacuum pumps, turbines, etc.

The VAPA industrial fans are centrifugal fans used for low flow rates and high pressures. Compliance with the law: Water Affairs takes Tshwane to court over waste water plants.

The PRM industrial fans are centrifugal fans used in a wide range of flow rates low, medium and high with low and medium discharge heads.

Coral Milano

Minister says no conflict of antipolljtion in Zille’s son’s involvement in education project. The EA industrial fans are axial fans used for a wide range of flow rates at low pressures.

Models are available either in mechanics or motorized version. The BS model suction benches are used for the antipollition of welding and deburring fumes and dust, suction of wood sanding dust, marble dust extraction, fumes and dust extraction in the engineering industry, foundries and extraction of solvents fumes.

The ACN industrial fans are high efficiency centrifugal fans used for medium-high flow rates, with low pressures. Sugar dumping remains a crisis for industry. The COMPACT electrostatic filter, thanks to its construction and its particular corql, ensures excellent filtering efficiency, thus allowing the filtration of pollutants with particle sizes between 10 and 0. Industrial fans are the main element in the industrial vacuum.