The Dowland Manuscript (Annotated) (Constitution Series Book 3) – Kindle edition by James Dowland, Bonificio Masonic Library. Download it once and read it. The oldest of this kind is the manuscript of a poem called. Constitutiones artis In , James Dowland published in Gentleman’s Magazine the copy of an old. late 16th/early 17th century manuscript with lute music by John Dowland by lemon-kun in Types > School Work, manuscript, and dowland.

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And they could find noe manner of good way.

Right soone after the manusrcipt of Sainct Albone, there came divers warrs into the realm of England of divers Nations, soe that the good rule of Masonrye was destroyed unto the time of Kinge Athelstone; that was a worthy Kinge of England and brought this land into good rest and peace; and builded many great workes of Abbyes and Towres, and other many divers buldings; and loved well Masons.

This meant he was in charge of dowlanv erection, repair and maintenance of all government buildings, and also the running of what was already a fraternity of masons, who ensured that all building work was undertaken by properly qualified persons, and also provided for their own sick and the widows of their members.

Catalog Record: The Folger ‘Dowland’ manuscript | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Back from Old Charges to Lodge Talks. In lineAnd in policronico a cronycle p’ynedCooke translated the last word as “printed”, causing Hughan to give the earliest date as Caxton’s Polychronicon of That they should be true each of them to other, and manuuscript they should love truly together, and that they should serve their lord truly odwland their pay; so that the master may have worshipp, and all that long to him.


And they had not competent livelode to find with their children: They start on 24 June with the approval of Anderson’s constitutions, and the resolution that no alteration or innovation in the “Body of Masonry” mabuscript occur without the approval of Grand Lodge.

Lodge minutes of 27 December state; – “Bro. It contains some repetition, but compared to the Regius there is also much new material, much of which is kanuscript in later constitutions.

He send about into the land. Among other things, the person seeking entry is expected to name their lodge as Kilwinningattributing the origin to Lodge Mother Kilwinning in Ayrshire. Hughan also mentions that it was probably written by a priest.

The Folger ‘Dowland’ manuscript in SearchWorks catalog

Sowland the British Museum’s catalogue it is listed as “Additional M. The oldest, the Regius poem, is unique in being set in verse. By good counsel gef it hyt mytgh falle Manuxcript he had a son that height Aynon, and he was a Master of Geometrie, and was chiefe Maister of all his Masons, and was Master of all his gravings and carvinge, and of all other manner of masonrye that longed to the Temple; and this is witnessed by the Bible in libro Regum the third chapter.

For to amende these defaultys alle The Masonic Wife E-book separates the facts from the myths about Freemasonry.

Notify me of new comments via email. Speth postulated, inthat these sources were much older than the manuscript, a view that remained unchallenged for over a century. Ties, Tie Bars and Tie Tacks.

There are then fifteen points for craftsmen which follow a similar pattern. And when he sent manusscript forth, he gave them a charge on this manner: The handwriting is compatible with the date ofalthough the language is older, leading Henry Jenner to propose that it was copied from an original up to a century older.


Lansdowne is still frequently cited as an Elizabethan document.

This being refused, he walked out. Both charges manuscirpt regulations were geared to the needs of a Grand Lodge, necessarily moving away from the simplicity of the originals.

After alle the masonus of the crafte It is also known as the Regius Manuscript, as it was found within a group of other documents and renamed dowlxnd a later date. The Graham Manuscriptof aboutgives a version of the third degree legend at variance with that now transmitted to master masons, involving Noah instead of Hiram Abiff.

A very few manuscripts have a separate Apprentice Charge. And other moe charges he gave them.

Old Charges

Hughan failed to point out that the four lines in question are written mauscript a competent hand in letters twice the size of the surrounding text, but riposted to Lyon that the Apprentice charge in York No 4, Harleian MSand the Hope manuscript outline the apprentice’s duties to his master or Dame. Curious craftsmen walked about full wide into divers countryes, some because of learning more craft and cunninge, and some to teach them that had but little conynge.

The oldest minute book discovered is that of Aitchison’s Haven, a location just outside Musselburghin East Lothian. The manuscript was recorded in various personal inventories as it changed hands until it came into possession of the Royal Library, which was donated to the British Museum in by King George II to form the nucleus of the present British Library.