Cruise to Mooloolaba – Renaissance (Schionning designed Waterline ) Schionning Waterline Boats For Sale. Keith DeLong Eric Owsley. Schionning who has penned some of the most elegant boats I’ve seen – and raced against with its builder, Eric Bruneel, and going through this monster, was. If Jef Schionning was an European it would be designing catamarans for the main production shipyards but it is an Australian, away from the.

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My family an I have the intention to buy or build a catamaran for one year of blue water cruising. Their designs fascinated me from the beginning on and they had a unique construction technique. Outboard advantages are many: The ship weighs lightship.

New 15mts Tri by Schionning Designs | Catamaran Racing, News & Design

This design represents a return to the origins in a sense that it is small, easy to build, not expensive cat and one I believe it is going to be a huge success. Is there something about egic that you are not happy about or that you regret? Surprisingly due to its slim looks it has standing height on the hulls and bridge deck. If you are happy with a more rustic look for the interior you can save to hours I would say.

Schionning Design launches G-Force ‘ZERO’ | Catamaran Racing, News & Design

I too fell in love with Schionning designs the moment I saw them. I, too, have a lovely wife and a couple of youngsters. Is it enough for you?


When we decided to build the Reic the was the only available design. Because there is not around him a market for mass production cats they specialized themselves in designing simple to built cats for the small professional boat builder and amateur, developing a support system for builders.

the project

I know that in the early stages, you were mentioning h. Anything from Schionning is great. Is that still your projection? My builder is also competent in cshionning a carbon mast which I have chosen to use.

who we are

In addition there will be a light connecting rod between the tiller running behind the main sheet so that a tiller extension can be attached at will allowing one to steer from anywhere in the cockpit. They fell madly in love with each other and so it happened that Julia left her beloved London and her life there behind and moved to Germany to be with Chris.

The panels are foam core and are produced by infusion process on the site. The downside — the kits were only available in Australia. The building method is as simple as it can be and they use as core Sfhionning or Duflex panels, west system and knitted fabrics Colan.

Newer Post Older Post Home. From todays point of view I probably would have opted for the for two reasons. The reason was they were struck by lightning and it completely destroyed their battery banks and their engines. It seems odd but the fact that Jef has not being so much pressed by production companies into designing what they think it would be a good mass production cat, with its huge space and interior volume, probably has contributed for the maintenance of his basic philosophy through all his line: If Jef Schionning was an European it would be designing catamarans for the main production shipyards but it is an Australian, away from the main production centers and in the end that is maybe a good thing in what regards design.


When, where, who, how …? Erci the latest fotos in the gallery.

Julia and Chris on a classic dutch sailing yacht. So I asked Stephan from Balticat if he would help me an yes, he does! Please let me know when you schiionning building in eastern Europe and how that works.

Incredibly reliable, easy to maintain, easy to repair, easy to replace.

Can you contact me in private to give me some information about the budget. Can you give us an update on the labor hours you think will needed to complete the project.

TOM Actually no drawings. We also planned a comfortable deck layout to suite short handed tiller setup. I started searching the internet and pretty soon stumbled upon Schionning Marine, at that time pretty much unknown in Europe.

I would have preferred the bunks in the bridgedeck but with the that was not possible, so today my choice would have been the