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Ash added it Aug 25, They presented a sad spectacle of having outlived their usefulness, and drag out a fitful existence of senseless ceremonies and abstract forms, from which the soul has long departed.

Had I been so instruded long years agone, I tye escaped very many subsequent mistakes, and consequent misery; but I. But as the material form was indestructible, and lives forever in that land of blossom and of flowers, so that spiritual and ideal emanation shall, through all coming time, live in the minds of men, and never cease to be born anew, for Eulis’ nature is infinite and eternal!

A person’s shadow on the wall in a room, by lamp-light, will reveal more of that party’s real character than all the phrenology extant, and in its minute phases, too; just as a peculiar smile, observation, movement, or tone of voice will sometimes tell in a second more of a person’s real self, than an acquaintance of fifty intimate years would otherwise. Love resides in the soul; the basic law of that soul he deliberately prostitutes, wherefore his soul, as well as his body, must and does suffer.

It made me sick; it always did—to listen to the outrageous talk going on everywhere about women, whenever two or more human males of the “civilized” kind happen to get together for an hour.

They typify vaguely euis some, clearer to others, the strange, inner mystic fire which, unlike all other forms of Flame, has its origin in God, and its flow from within us, not from without; for passion rises in the mind when normal,—in the soul; not the body, save when our natures are inverted; and even then its fountain is in the unholy soul, before it leaps to the still more unholy body.

Which of them all has explained what every one ought to, but does not know to be a fact, i. Now let us go on with the book. Of course the same power can be used by husbands. A true negro never reaches a stage of mental development enabling him to master metaphysics; nor at maturity does he ever surpass in capacity the adolescent average Anglo-Saxon; but in the power of maintaining love at high tide he can discount all the white races of the globe! Thus either, alone, is an Incompleteness; they belong to opposite sides of nature, and it requires a bridge to span the amazing gulf that rolls between them.

I am induced to say thus much in order to disabuse the public rhe relative to Rosicrucianism, which is but one of our outer doors—and which was not originated by Christian Rosencrux; but merely revived, and replanted in Europe by him subsequent to his return from oriental lands, whither, like myself and hundreds of others, he went for initiation.

Light is needed; and this work originally intended to be called by a different title, but which intent was abandoned, owing to the vastly larger scope of eulid completed and rewritten volume is meant te afford exactly what is required; and.


Eulis! the History of Love/Part 1: Affectional Alchemy

We all know that the better side of man is the she or mother side; and that from it spring all the major elements of both his greatness and his goodness; and we admire an intellectual giant, while we adore a loving man; because from his love, not his intellect, arises all of goodness, inspiration, aspiration, generosity of soul which characterizes him.

At this point I wish to pick a flaw or two in the reasonings of the popular physiologists and phrenologists of the day, every one of whom urge their moral pleas mainly upon the eulsi that the marital-functional nuptive rite of the human being is precisely on a par with the creative act of beasts; that is, that God intended it in man as in animals, to ot solely and only a propagative function,—that, and nothing more. Let me tell you, reader, how and why this is so.

Twine the laurel wreath for the victor, but add the cypress for the victim. I found myself cleaner, better, than before, and comprehended Christ’s “Suffer little children to come unto me.

She has the patience taught by centuries of adversity.

For example, there are ten thousand treatises extant concerning what the doctors call the sin of one Onanmeaning, thereby, a certain nameless solitary vice. Just so is it impossible for us not to be made better or worse by lip touching.

Th hope this thought will be carefully eulie and understood. The origin of such marriages takes its rise in physics purely. In these days it is politely called “conjugal fraud,” and in plain terms consists of the nuptive union to the orgasmal climax, which was allowed to occur only in a manner never intended by the Infinite God.

The Lingam, Linga or Lingum male organ-worshipis but the reverse of the discal or oval worship. But there she lay, poor child, upon the long work-table of good Simon Scott, the carpenter, all pale lobe delicate as finest Parian marble or wax-work, and beautiful! But before I do itv just look at Jugurtha, Attila, Nero and the Bonapartes, with scores of other scourges of God and the human world,—called into being in an instant of time to lash the earth to agony,—a prayer of evil-guild, silently, but effectively uttered at the instant of their descent into the matrices that thereafter gave them to the world.

The great minds among his followers would be philosophers, but they would have been philosophers without him. We have, it is true, galvanized its skeleton into a transitory life, but the Rosy Cross of history is dead.

EULIS! The History of Love by Paschal Beverly Randolph

For gross and culpable non-knowledge, especially upon all the vital points that cluster round the one word “sex,” you must look, not amidst the untaught hosts, the democratic underlayer of society, but right squarely among the so-called “learned,” professional, much-boasted, highly-cultured upper-strata, especially in those centres of population whence newspapers by myriads are scattered broadcast over all the lands.

Duna Bey marked it as to-read Jul 30, But there are other proofs: Nor is this all, for every escapade mingles magnetisms more or less; and a man in New York in may feel the life going out of him day by day, himself not even suspecting that a dozen or more women in as many different parts of the earth, or even from the spaces, are at that instant thinking of him, yearning for him, voluntarily or not, and are drawing out his soul just as easily and surely as he drew their life through honeyed lips ten, twenty, or thirty years before; wherefore libertinism and cyprianism are attended with strange penalties.


No human being laughs then ; for the weight of worlds rests upon human shoulders.

Books by ship-loads on one or two, and always either its physiological or sentimental sides of the subject, have been put forth by ambitious M. I had kissed that child, and had become suffused with a portion of her own sweet aromal aura or atmosphere, and was, therefore, en rapport with the same bright beings as she was herself, and was played upon by the same celestial, pure and divine influences, whereof Love was the dominant or major clement.

The child saved me! If so, here let that absurd notion be rectified, eeulis the emblem signifies no such puerile nonsense at all.

EULIS! The History of Love

That settles the point. I put myself in my friend’s, her husband’s place, by means of the three principles, Posism, Volantia and Decretism, hereinafter alluded to, and then, far more clearly comprehending the situation, I would not, as before, euliis slain her, spattered his heart’s blood upon the hjstory and floor, or have og a leaden bullet crashing through his brains, for the whole world, or millions more just like it; for whereas before I had observed effects, I now beheld their producing, hidden causes.

They were fragments of this philosophy which we wore as a crown of glory hixtory our natal morn, that were disseminated by our Master and his innumerable followers, and cast hither and thither upon the stream of time, were finally washed by successive waves of war and pilgrimage, to the shores of Egypt. But, even in such cases, she must be blonde, and he the opposite— always ; for if the reverse happens, she’s a doomed woman, and he a physical imbecile, in five years’ time at the utmost.

If you ask me why and how, listen, and the story shall be fully, fairly, yet briefly told: We will discover that others have borne our burdens who oove no hope of receiving our reward; that knowledge is universal, and has no royal road; and that they were as wise in the wisdom of their generation, as we are in ours.

Mustafa Al-Laylah rated it really liked it Mar 24, They marry, and, to their first surprise, and subsequent horror, discover that ihstory all the purposes of matrimony one is oil, the other water, without a particle of mental lime to combine and fuse the two together, and thereby form a true kalsomate of soul.

Three weeks’ experience with a mistress will cure almost any man of that sort of weakness, if he have not, by that time, buried his wife’s love in a grave ten thousand resurrectionless fathoms deep! They twain, the far-off couple, are young; are adapted to each other: Let her go at the call of affection, and, forsaking you and eulia, yield her to the better and nobler law of love. Voluntarily free this simpleton from the chafing thrall that binds her to one whose purse, not person, is euliw on earth she cares for.

The result is from imaginative and mechanical forces: