Charles Stansfeld Jones (2th April – 24th February ). The youngest of seven, Charles Stansfeld Jones aka Frater Achad was born on April 2nd, 11 Results Visit ‘s Frater Achad Page and shop for all Frater Achad books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Frater Achad. Frater Achad and the Little Grey Space Aliens. Excerpt from: _Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts_ by Allen H. Greenfield IllumiNet Press, POB , Lilburn.

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Naught but the coping of delicate pink onyx is visible until the secret spring be touched. These terms are consistent with the inner secret teachings of the Great White Brotherhood.

In late Jones was arrested in a VancouverBritish Columbia, Canada hotel, where he had been behaving erratically. Lockhart Research Foundation, Only when we are living the Law can that fragment expand into the infinite conception of the whole. Thus, whirling within Thee, our never-ending nuptial feast shall be celebrated, and a new System of Revolving Orbs be brought to birth.

Baphomet Aleister Crowley awarded Jones all O. Robertus and his associates, as if following upon Achad’s suggestions and warrants, organized an order structure in line with Achad’s Qabalistic attributions, under the initials Q:. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Smith, who was at that time his subordinate in both the U. Stop for a moment and get a clear conception of this Sun, how He is shining in the early morning, shining at mid-day, shining in the evening, and shining at night.

So, precisely nine months afterwards, that is, at the summer solstice ofFrater O. Jones’ motto as a Probationer was Vnvs in Omnibvs V. The true aims of the U. Yet since Thy Pure Being must ever be more refined thanthisbody of mine I should interpenetrate every part of Thee with my living flesh.

Stansfeld Jones as a probationer entirely without my knowledge became a Babe of the Abyss. After two of his pieces had been published in Crowley’s journal The EquinoxJones self-published his book Q.


Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia. Yet will I not fall into the Pit called Because, there to perish with the dogs of reason.

Stepping Out of the Old Aeon and Into the New

But the Coiled Serpent hath wisdom, for he hideth his tail and it is not coveted; he raiseth his head and fears not; he moveth slowly like the tortoise, yet withdraweth not; he nestles close to the frzter, dart- ing his tongue with swiftness, yet falleth not asleep by the wayside. Though they would continue to correspond until they never amended their friendship and today many scholars agree that Crowley was wrong in his assessment of Achad. What from the little planet looked like specks of light, are now blazing like other great Suns, and these are truly our brothers and sisters, whose essential and Starry nature we had never before seen and realized.

Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. Having gained his desire for a larger cage, he forgot his ahcad for Freedom. For it is written of Thee: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Its perfume is like unto the perfume of her I love.

Low to High Price: Charles Stansfeld Jones wrote a book called ‘ Crystal Vision through Crystal Gazingin which he notes that in relationship to skrying also spelled scrying “the case of the Ouija Board applies equally to the Crystal. Kowal told Martin Starr that its purpose was “to make men think. Achad further alienated conservative Thelemites — and endeared himself to radicals — by proclaiming the Aeon of Ma, which superseded the Aeon fraetr Horus proclaimed by Achxd in But Thou, O Beloved, hath said: As others have remarked, UFOnauts frequently use bizarre forms of sexuality in their physical examinations or probes on humans, in order to obtain certain secretions of a physical, emotional and even spiritual nature.

Provide feedback about this page. But Ffrater offered one particle of dust — and I lost all in that hour. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. And one night — the night of the crown- ing of Parzival — he was granted the Great Vision wherein the Stars became like flecks of Swansdown upon the Breast of Heaven, each living and throbbing, for they were steeped in Blood. The secrets of the vampirism of the gray aliens and how to resist it in their physical examinations — which are obviously of a sexual nature — are achxd in the names of the organizations inspired by Frater Achad’s work.


But Thou hast said: Who knoweth when Thy hands may grasp me and draw me up into Thine arms, there to nestle at Thy frster, to frateg upon the Milk of the Stars? In one letter Crowley told Jones: I looked closer, burying my face in the white pile, as in Thy Bosom. He welcomed Jones to the Third Order, and declared him to be his “beloved son.

Frater Achad | Astrum Argenteum

Herein lies the secret of Government. Indeed, in recent years, there has been some effort by frzter Thelemites to posthumously rehabilitate Achad whose decidedly unorthodox views led to a permanent break with Crowley in ev.

Jones then took the motto of Achad, meaning unity, which he would predominately use for the rest of his life when publishing and hence the name he is best known by today. My resting place is the Womb of the Stars. Achad, Frater [ George Graham Price]. As all of you should know, fraher have entered a New Aeon.

He also became an O. Jones continued to hold that office, apparently until his death. Aspirants were provided with typescript lectures “sutras” on metaphysical topics, using idiosyncratic terms like “integrality” and “partitivity.

Learn more at Author Central. Yet, Thou hast said: This group had been actively recruiting among Theosophists for a decade or more, and Jones was one of a number of prominent Thelemites who eventually joined.

Chalice of Ecstasy Jul 25,