Comprehensive information about Richard Brautigan’s novel The Hawkline Monster. The Hawkline Monster certainly sounds like a good title for a film. You hear the name and picture, perhaps, a vicious bird-like creature in pink. Masterplots: The Hawkline Monster: A Gothic Western. by Henderson Kincheloe? Author: Richard Brautigan Publisher: Simon and Schuster (New York) Type of.

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On the evening of Mr. Hjortsberg, an Easterner who was part of the great westward hippie migration of the ’60s, can sit on a bench outside his cabin and let the scenery answer that dense, city-slicker question so frequently heard during calls from L.

The Hawkline Monster

Jan 09, Samantha rated it liked it. The book was originally published in Pat Frank Narrated by: The Hawkline Monstersubtitled ‘A Gothic Western,’ is disarmingly funny, cross-breeding two improbabilities to produce a bizarre, engrossing nonsense. These situations — all easily made visual, especially the stuff about the Monster — escape the normal constraints which inhibit the translation of literary style to screen.

But, with Brautigan, do not confuse monsted easy read for a light read.

Two topline gunslingers are hired by two indistinguishably beautiful sisters to kill a monster which has transformed their father, Professor Hawkline, into an elephant foot umbrella-stand. Lee Western American Literaturevol. It deserves to be a Cohen brother’s movie.


It is a very attractive story and, despite the characters’ fascination with their own lives, what emerges is Mr. In Hawkline Monster he takes two elements, the western, and gothic fiction, and combines it into a Brautiganish weirdness. Jack Kerouac Narrated by: Because the chief aspect of this book is its humour; in fact, its ridiculous and bizarre theme could give it no other aspect.

Miss Hawkline, who is identical to Magic Child, invites them in and tells them the house is over ice caves, thus the cold. The facade, behind a dazzling neon sign, is unassuming brick. If the story is boring, though, see you later, book, I’m out of here with some rare exceptions.

Yet the writer can and does find human company easily enough. The gunslingers might also be the heroes, with the Hawkline Monster as our villain, and there’s even a servant though he doesn’t seem dim-witted in any way.

Brad Donovan, coauthor, with Brautigan, of the screenplay, Trailerprovides some additional details about Brautigan’s involvement with the original screenplay. The University of Montana creative writing program, founded inhas uncovered and nurtured outstanding talent almost from the beginning.

He observes that Western experiences can easily be incorporated into contemporary interpretations of a mad, self-destructive world” Cancel anytime and keep your audiobooks. The narrator portrays this displacement in the following way:. And neighbors are really neighborly. The following material may be protected under copyright.

Welcome to Information Retrieval. The creature springs from a book by weirdo writer Richard Brautiganknown for his stream-of-altered-consciousness poetry and prose. Sam Peckinpah often holed up for weeks in a suite at the Murray Hotel see accompanying story. Video review A postmodern House on the Borderland.


Then, too, the confrontation of the heroes with one of the heroines, Magic Child, in a Portland whorehouse is truly exceptional for the typically asexual western. This is certainly Brautigan’s most simultaneously unified and eclectic work.

Says American fiction published between and shares a number of concerns: Collins and Howard D. Miss Hawkline and Magic Child also both want to be rid of an evil or at least highly inconsiderate entity that dwells beneath their house.

Richard Brautigan > The Hawkline Monster

Montana has become a popular refuge for those who can earn their livings anywhere or who pull down the sort of income that allows nearly unlimited freedom of choice. This is a freaky acid trip of a “gothic western,” Judging by that description, I should have found it delightful, but mostly I found it pretty damned dreadful. Most cowboy fiction is set about the time of the Civil War, just when the western territories were opening.

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