On his Academia page, Prof Huehnergard has posted a PDF of the 3rd edition of his A Grammar of Akkadian and the answer key. A Grammar of Akkadian (Harvard Semitic Studies) (English and Akkadian Edition ) [John Huehnergard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. By John Huehnergard A Grammar of Akkadian (3rd edition) on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Published by Scholars Press first published June Contact among Genetically Related Languages more. Want to Read saving…. Eisenbrauns, [appeared ] — Dialect-wise, he restricts himself to Old Babylonian, but he wants you to learn all the cuneiform from nearly-Sumerian to Neo-Akkadian, which is way to much. I’d be interested in acquiring a copy of the published edition.

Oct 25, John Hinton rated it it was amazing. A fantastic resource, but unrealistic to get done, even in a calendar year.

John Kaltner and Steven L. Israel Oriental Studies 20 Semitic Linguistics: Beginning quite early on, the texts which are translated and provided by the lessons are drawn directly from actual texts such as the Law Collection of Hammurapi, extispacy texts, and even narratives.

A Grammar of Akkadian (3rd edition) | John Huehnergard –

Daniel rated it liked it Aug 05, Click here to sign up. Babel und Bibel 7: Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies. It is an excellent text book from an outstanding Semitic language expert that I still have on my shelf even though I am no longer involved directly in assyriology. Theresadan rated it really liked it Dec 13, Akkaian Center Find new research papers in: Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research Huehnergaard with Christopher Woods.


A Grammar of Akkadian (Third Edition)

A new appendix F has been added, giving Hebrew and other Semitic cognates of the Akkadian words in the lesson vocabularies. In The Biblical World, ed. Other changes include minor revisions in wording huehnerggard the presentation of the grammar in a few other sections; a number of new notes to some of the readings; additions to the glosses of a small number of words in the lesson vocabularies and the Glossary and English-Akkadian word list ; and updates of the resources available for the study of Akkadian, and of the bibliography.

The book makes no attempt to ease you into intricate grammar constructs, so be prepared for some hard hitting stuff right off the bat.

This is a fine book, but nothing something to tackle by yourself. Babel und Bibel 7. Dustin rated it really liked it May 19, Studies in Semitic Languages and Linguistics The Akkadian Language in its Semitic Context: Refresh and try again. If language books are spectrum, with the left edge being easy to learn but not something you will consult in years to come, and the right edge being very difficult but a lifelong references, this book is nearly all the way to the right.

It is an I have only used the prepublished version, but it was the textbook for my second year Akkadian class.


For those who think that this is a massive grammar–you’re right. I have only used the prepublished version, but it was the textbook for my second year Akkadian class.

Resources for Biblical Studies, More frustrating was the publisher’s decision to break the various columns of LC Hammurapi onto multiple huehneggard, forcing students to jump back and forth between texts, the order of which is never explained.

Harvard Semitic Studies 45 Publisher: Hardcoverpages. But we completed the entire grammar in three weeks, so buck up and carry on: Additions and Corrections more. Erica rated it it was amazing Mar 02, Other places, Huehnergard differs from the standard von Soden grammar, but does not mention the reasons for his differentiation. I Used this book for a linguistics project, comparing the grammar of Old Babylonian Akk to Classical Arabic, and it was an immense help.

A Grammar of Akkadian

Ardi rated it it was amazing Aug 02, Tom rated it liked it Sep 20, A Response to George Mendenhall more. Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics, ed. Flash Sheridan rated it it was amazing Nov 07,