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Law 13, on Public Works,lv which at Article 1 considers as is of the age provided for in the law on social security (la ley previsional) for. Tema(s): Seguridad social. Tipo de legislación: Ley. Adoptado el: Entry into force: Publicado el: Bundesgesetzblatt, ISN: AUTL & In: KOZ | Ot, M.J., WHAT LEY, F.R. (ed.).

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Following the regulatory changes from the Constitution, the government renegotiated several projects, including oilfield concessions and the Pey international airport, and no new PPP concessions were awarded until The project is being relaunched in Several other transport and waste management municipal PPP projects have reached final preparation stages, but Pristina Airport remains the only large-scale PPP project implemented at the national level.

Summary of the enabling environment for PPPs Honduras has a comprehensive legal framework that is conducive to PPP implementation under various contract types.

Measuring the enabling environment for public-private partnerships in infrastructure

Benin Overview of the infrastructure sector and PPPs The Government of Benin is emphasising public-private partnerships to build infrastructure. The regulation also outlines the procedures the government must comply with to issue authorisations and concessions, including the legal, economic and technical requirements to be met by those interested in providing or operating telecom services.

Currently the lry challenges are: The Virgilio Barco Vargas National Real Estate Agency is responsible for leyy development, structuring, execution and operation of urban infrastructure projects. Since its implementation, several concession projects, including inter-urban roads and airports, have been carried out. Argentina remains heavily underinvested in infrastructure.

The main challenge for the country lies in restoring investor confidence in order to raise key required financing—both at the federal and provincial levels—after years of underinvestment.

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Lack of financial and human resources in line ministries is an issue, and better project identification processes and feasibility studies are needed, supported by appropriate technical manuals.

This reflects the fragmented and complex institutional setting—consisting of more than 40 public entities—which has impeded a uniform, long-term vision and strategic planning to establish clear project pipelines.


Main challenges for PPP infrastructure development One challenge to the long-term stability of the PPP programme is posed by the ideological differences about PPPs in Bulgaria, including public scepticism about engaging private partners in the delivery of public services. The second is the leading role of subnational governments in infrastructure development outside the energy sector.

However, it was vetoed by the newly elected president and is not expected to be passed in the foreseeable future. Belarus Overview of the infrastructure sector and PPPs From onwards the Belarusian government has pursued an investment promotion policy. Whereas PPPs had previously played only a limited role via the concessions law, the law redefined them as a new method of developing infrastructure via a contractual relationship of years with a private partner based on an equal share of risks, rewards, costs, rights and responsibilities.

Both the framework for PPPs and feasibility studies must take these concerns into account, requiring informational meetings with local communities to describe the scope and benefits of proposed projects, as well as actions that will be taken to mitigate any negative effects they may have.

USA v. Freeman Morri

At the municipal level, a project involving the provision of bus transportation services, and installation and maintenance of bus stops in the municipality of Peja reached financial closure inbut its implementation has been stalled. It has recently increased its full-time staff to lley people, and may add more resources under the Budget.

The government tendered the Norman Manley Airport project inbut did not receive any bids for it. The PAG describes, in broad strokes, the anticipated role of PPPs 113064 the dominant mode of public procurement over the next five years, while the law provides a comprehensive framework for announcements, concessions, contract management, reporting and the establishment of regulatory bodies.

The Abu Rawash Wastewater Treatment Plant, awarded inis no longer classified as a PPP, as it was converted into an engineering, procurement and construction project in February Main challenges for PPP infrastructure development A primary challenge in terms of developing PPPs is implementing and managing the PPP process, which is complex and lacks transparency.


Infrascope index scores Category scores per country compared to global and regional average Score: These laws outline the legal framework for the creation, construction, development, utilisation, maintenance, modernisation and expansion of infrastructure, highways, highways, ports, airports, generation projects, electrical and railway conduction, and commercialisation, including the provision of equipment and associated complementary services.

The work has supported national goals to promote sustainable development by improving transport infrastructure and increasing renewable energy capacity.

These set the conditions for projects such as BAKAD officially awarded and the Shymkent ring road and the Almaty rail bypass in planning stages.

Although PPPs have been a modality for public procurement in Benin for more than a ly, formalisation of PPPs under law is still in an embryonic stage. However, despite this progress in legal and institutional development, projects remain slow to materialise.

The Dominican Liberation Party has established in its Government Program ,ey — the continuation of the road improvement program, incorporating new mechanisms of private-public collaboration. Summary of the enabling environment for PPPs The PPP environment has evolved in the past decade into a more organised lley structured framework.

Summary of the enabling environment for PPPs The regulatory environment for PPPs in Brazil is detailed and has been steadily evolving since the early concession framework in the mids.

Second, as the government continues to push its lley and transparency agenda, there is growing demand for greater transparency at all stages of the PPP process, including better monitoring of on-going projects in terms of project costs, service levels and economic performance.

Despite positive developments in the regulatory framework, there are weaknesses at an institutional level, with uncertainty among public-sector staff about the required steps and procedures for pursuing PPPs.