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Ministerio de Economía Fomento y Reconstrucción, Gobierno de Chile. Ley No. , D.S. No. FAO. Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries. por el que se fija el texto refundido, coordinado y sistematizado de la Ley núm. , de y sus modificaciones, Ley General de Pesca y Acuicultura. numerosos artículos de la Ley General de Pesca y Acuicultura, y de las leyes que Fíjase el siguiente texto refundido, coordinado y sistematizado de la Ley Nº.

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It also accommodates the flaws evident under Cap 33 by updating and improving certain provisions. Purpose of the Organization is to promote the conservation and sustainable utilization of the living resources of the lake.

Special provisions concerning the payment of unemployment benefits for workers in freezing plants. Dissolution of cooperatives provided for in Chapter V.

No fishing license shall be granted to a vessel which is not registered with the Ministry of Fisheries art. Other provisions of the Act concern, among other things, powers of persons designated by the Secretary of State as authorized officers, measures of control and enforcement and regulation-making powers of the Secretary of State.


Fisheries Management and Development Act No 35 of Regulates establishment of the Fund, objectives of the Fund, composition, meetings and powers of the board, appointment of staff, protection of members, and some related matters.

Fisheries Amendment Act, No.

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Fisheries Act, Act – Adoption: An Act to make provisions in respect of the internal waters, the archipelagic waters, the contiguous zone, the territorial sea, the exclusive economic zone, and the continental shelf of Kiribati and for connected purposes. Zakon o morskom ribastvu i marikulturi – Adoption: These Regulations are divided into 3 Chapters: The Fisheries Act, Article 2 provides for the definition of the following terms: Establishment and registration procedures of fisheries cooperatives provided for in Chapter I.


Fishing vessels and their inspection is given in Part III. This part incorporates and implements the need for observers to board and remain on Kiribati licensed vessels for the purpose of carrying out his or her duties.

Provisions of section 99 empower the Department of Agriculture and Commerce to divide fishing areas of Liberia into zones and to close fishing areas for purposes of fish protection. Consultation on international fisheries management.

It provides for the implementation of regional and international obligations from treaties in which Kiribati is party to: These Regulations lay down the hygienic conditions that shall apply to handling slaughtering, freezing, processing, salting, packing, leey. Vessels that are not pey or motorized but not exceeding four meters of overall length and vessels used exclusively for recreation fishing shall not be required to operate under a license art.

This Law regulates marine fisheries only.

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Article 2 is amended so as to change the meaning of “Department” in the principal Regulations. Section 14 defines the “fishing grounds most commonly used lry Maldivians” in the EEZ.

This Law is composed of 11 Chapters divided into 61 articles. Article 7 regulates the procedure of registration into the Registry. Part II deals with foreign fishing. The Law is a basic fisheries legislation consisting of articles divided into 17 Chapters: Fisheries Act of Maldives, Act No.

The Regulations impose certain restrictions on reef fishing. Regulating Fishing Law No. These Regulations make provision for the granting of fishing and other licenses to foreign fishing vessels, lay down some rules relative to operations of those vessels in Eritrean waters, and prescribe offences and penalties. Decreto por el que se reforman y adicionan diversas disposiciones de la Ley General de Pesca y Acuacultura Sustentables.

Fisheries Act, Act No. It contains rules concerning the procedure of payment in case of work stoppage. Protection du milieu marin arts. Enter into force and transitional arrangements. The authority of this regulation arises out of Act.


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Regulates the manner in which the work is to be carried out by professional divers. The Fisheries Advisory Committee, established by this Act, shall advise the Secretary of State on policies required for the implementation of this Act.

Applications for a national fishing vessel license shall be made to the Head of Department of the Ministry of Fisheries art. Prohibition of harvesting trochus except during Open season.

For purposes of community-based fishing, the Secretary of State may also establish Community Fisheries Centres. Note 8-Special provisions related to administration, financial and employment regulations are at the discretion of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Adds subparagraph 4 new application for daily cash benefit by fishery workers to s. Provides for the establishment of the Fisheries Commission and the functions and composition of the Commission. The Act prescribes the key of a licence to be issued by the Director and an authorization of the Secretary of State to fish on the High Seas and lley Director shall maintain a record of High Seas fishing vessels.

This Act amends the Fisheries Act in section 8 which prohibits the use of a foreign vessel for fishing or related activities in the fishery waters without a valid foreign fishing licence. Stipulates that all vessels shall report to the nearest coastal station every 24 hours. The Directive contains two Annexes dealing with the hygienic requirements to comply with when handling and preserving fish products for a period exceeding 24 hours.