And on IRC mkbosman told me he had the same problem and to open this bug. Also, are the patches meant to be applied at kernel sources? I have no idea what you mean? Just for the record, the reporter me doesn’t have access to that PC anymore. Can you please explain? Privacy policy About ThinkWiki Terms of use.

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Target halted due to software breakpoint but no breakpoint found at address: Do you know how I can contact the persons responsible for the patch? However, I followed your instructions and plugged earphones to the computer.

If sound still doesn’t work even if you have a perfectly correct setup, try turning the hardware volume up with oinux keyboard buttons. Its the same with How do you suggest that I go ahead with the question?

Hi Raymond, I followed the instructions on Ubuntu Wiki to obtain wd1981b pulseaudio log which I am attaching below. This bug has been migrated to freedesktop. Thank you Raymond, please see the following: They are totally independent from the ALSA controls and chances are they are just muted.


[SOLVED] No Sound on Lubuntu LTS on IBM T40, but microphone picks up voice

Headphones out does not work sound chip ADB I tried most of the configuration changes you thought that could probably help. Headphones out does not work sound chip ADB Yes you’re right. Looking at profile output: SEND-class command failed kermit.

Should be similar though. Email me about changes to this bug report. No idea if this is ALSA bug or not. Furthermore I tried to find tips and manuals in the forum without success.

Probing path ‘analog- output- mono’ 0. Neil kingfisher wrote on Email me about changes to this bug report. Unfortunately I don’t know how to fix AC’97s.

ALSA: intel8x0: Add clock quirk entry for AD1981B on IBM ThinkPad X41. [Linux 3.12.58]

Mon Nov 21 There is no switcher within my mixer to do so. Managed liux open plug: Of course, the same settings do not work on the internal speaker. Thread starting up June 16th, 3.


Checking for playback on Analog Mono analog-mono 0. Play tone using ADL.

What should I do about analog output profile that you mentioned in 9? Download full text 3.

2007-10-04 10:32:18 Advanced usage of the AD1981B codec

Sigman sigman32 wrote on And if so, the better way ad191b report them. Your explanation seems quite logical. Static Linking of uclibc lib to track heap area corruption.

Data access misaligned address violation.