Depending upon the length of your password list, you could be waiting a few minutes to a few days. Hello again OTW i finnaly fix my problem with step 4 after i read all coments 40times now after i make deauth will i get handshake imidietly or i need wait. But i canot get pass the ethernet wireless network adapter list. Any help would be appreciated. While you have airodump-ng open on all channels, it will pick up handshakes on any channel within range, no matter what attack you are attempting. I should know better than that.

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You can also install BT as a dual boot system. Airbase-ng enables us to turn our laptop and wireless card into an AP. About 17 steps and it’s as good as fixed. I don’t know if it’s compatible with aircrack-ng and packet injection. I tried to crack a WiFi password using aircrakng. Aurodump both cases, try another channel with multiple APs.

Airmon-NG is showing zero results. I at9285 an issue. And what are those 17 steps you’re talking about? It looks like things are running as they should in your screenshot. Let’s go back to our airodump-ng terminal and check to see whether or not we’ve been successful.


compatible_cards [Aircrack-ng]

Im in the process of cracking a wireless network which happens to be made up of 8 digits which are numbers only. What happens when you try to connect? Did you happen to read the week old comment right above yours? Or like BEN says, if the channel is everytime different, than its in Auto-Channel mode so you can just spam it a little around to hit ayheros correct Channel.

Some of our more hack-specific tools include airdecap-ng, airtun-ng, airolib-ng and airbase-ng. First of all, thanks for the great tutorial. This card has a soldered-in external airodmp, with the wire between the card and airodhmp antenna easily pigtailable to RP-SMA. Originally Posted by fractalman. Try running airmon-ng start wlan0mon.

Your results will vary. My bssid has a few letters what do I do? How will I be sirodump use the password list given in the two website after downloading them.

Tried running the 64 version off of a usb with a little over 7 gb space. Oh sorry I didn’t see your second screenshot so the problem because you are on “channel -1” so need to type: You can read more about that in my beginner’s guide to hacking Wi-Fi. As in a time interval?


Also this card doesn’t broadcast in N. If you know the default password, why not just use it?

Injection test

I’ll put it on my long list of upcoming tutorials. No such file or directory Opening WPAcrack What should i do? You can always let the password cracking run in the background and still do something else on your computer. I have cracked the password, it is not connecting to my cell phone.

Thanks in advance, ar9825 guides!

Second, for each, it does a 30 packet test that indicates the connection quality.