: emacsclient -a emacs –no-wait +%l %f the following variables to find which command should. Feb 27, AUCTeX supports three methods for forward and inverse search: source specials (only DVI output), the pdfsync LaTeX package (only PDF. Make AUCTeX do forward and inverse search with SyncTeX and Evince – auctex-

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If TeX-source-correlate-mode is active and a viewer is invoked, the default behavior is to ask if a server process should be started. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Set it to nil if the server should never be started.

You should see something like this: Forward and inverse search refer to the correlation between the document source in esarch editor and the typeset document in the viewer. Sarch the “Tex view group” buffer, you have two things to do: The use of the pdfsync package is detected automatically if document parsing is enabled.

Unfortunately that part of the answer wasn’t exactly related to the question at all, so I struck it out; do you think it should be put back in?


Refer to the documentation of your viewer to find out how it has to be configured and what you have to do exactly. How do I do it?

Forward and Backward Search in Emacs with Latex – Suman Bhunia

Sav-econ 1 5. If your Emacs frame searrch already raised in that situation, just leave this variable set to its default value raise-frame. Sign up using Facebook.

These instructions were tested on a Debian system. You can customize the variable TeX-source-correlate-start-server to inhibit the question and always or never start the server respectively.

There is simply no way to raise the Emacs frame reliably accross different operating systems and different window managers with their different focus stealing policies. Set and save both for auftex sessions.

Forward search happens automatically upon calling the viewer, e. See Processor Optionson how to do that.

Using SumatraPDF with AUCTeX (with inverse search and forward search) | Yoo Box

So, rename all parent directories without spaces replace by underscore. Searc is also possible to specify a different method depending on the output, either DVI or PDF, by setting the variable to an alist of the kind. In her computer she can toggle between latex source code and the pdf file very easily.

AUCTeX supports three methods for forward and inverse search: Emacs will come up and position the cursor at the intended line of the TeX source. Post as a guest Name.


Click on the “State” button and select “Save for Future Sessions”. Following subham soni’s instructions will add the following lines to your. You must still do step 12 of subham soni’s answer, to setup things on Okular.


To install Emacs, open up the terminal and type the command: This will point the cursor to the right place in latex source opened in emacs. A link to this answer is certainly appropriate.

Restart Emacs or Set for Current Session to have it show up. In xdvi you normally have to use C-down-mouse For the “Save for Future Sessions”, the button with the green down arrow can also be selected. And when toggling, the particular portion in pdf is highlighted corresponding to the position where cursor is placed in latex source file.

Felisa Vazquazabad showed me a cool feature in MAC. Refer to the documentation of your viewer to find out how it has to be configured and what you have to do exactly.