See Wiki- for more detail. HomePlug is the family name for power line specifications for networking over existing home electrical wiring. Please Let me Know if you found it Useful. Instead of running new Ethernet cables to connect your devices to your home network then why not use your existing electrical power cables? Another power line adapter is required somewhere on the same mains cable system to extract the signal. My pc got on line but no my DVD. Will a brand specific configuration utility work with multi-brand AV2 networks?

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Click to donate online. You cannot prioritise the traffic between them. Do I just press and hold the network join button on one of the plugs and then press the button on the other plug that will be connected to the new switch?

Please move it to another place away from the powerline adapters. Common Powerline Uses They are often used: Such equipment can be air-conditioners, washing-machines, electric-fans etc. Having a basic understanding of how the powerline network works is crucial to troubleshooting problems, and for building,repairing and upgrading them.

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In this configuration a deive connected to homeplug 3 or 4 could not communicate with a device connected to homeplug 1 or 2. Will running an AV2 network powrrline the same powerlines as a Homeplug 1. Hi Steve Thanks for your article. Thank you for any advice you can give. Can you clarify how routing works in the following scenario? Do I need to check any speed or anything with my current router and should I be looking at one that says extender?


You should receive a DVD with your adapter containing software that you can use to mange your powerline adapters. Devices like computers plug into a powerline adapter using an Ethernet cable with a UTP connector, just like they would plug into an Ethernet hub or switch.

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Do you use Wi-Fi extenders? Excellent web site by the way, appreciate your quick response. I have entered the management password for one of the adapters but not for the second. Please check if the distance between the adapters is too long.

You then do the same with the other adapter. Switches Boosts your business network with premium performance. If not, please move the adapters to an outlet on the wall. poserline

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However the local adapter the one your computer is connected to can be configured without entering the password. This assumes that you have purchased the adapters as a pair. Please move such equipment to another location if possible, or move powerline adapters away from such equipment. You will probably face inter operability issues when you need to add another adapter to an existing network or replace a faulty adapter. In which case just plug them into the mains socket preferably close to each other and they should pair.


I currently have 4 homeplugs but want to increase Internet speed by putting in an ethernet cable around the house from the router to a new ethernet switch that will also be connected to a homeplug. Thank you We appreciate your feedback. To overcome this powerline adapters form logical networks based on a security key or password called a NMK Network Management Key. Your feedback helps improve this site. The network name needs to be applied to all adapters on the network which can only be accomplished if you have entered the password of each adapter into the management software.

If the wiring is very old then it may be causing problems with the adaptors. Moving the laptop nearer the router implies it is wi-fi? See Wiki- for more detail. Would upgrading the adaptors to something like these ones that advertise a faster speed …. Will a brand specific configuration utility work with multi-brand AV2 networks?