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Most helpful Most helpful Most recent Highest rated Lowest rated. Please use second Query option i. Sahaj Samaadhi Saadhasangati Jotee SaroopaDaamanee Chamatakaar Ounaman Maaneeai The divine light that radiates during stable state meditation in the holy gathering is like miraculous lightening that blossoms the mind.

The melody that is available with them as a result of Guru’s words is not found in any musical mode. Union of consciousness with Guru’s word is truth. The congregation of the Sikhs of the True Guru is the abode of the Lord. Please add presentation view for the app that would allow this app to be used in Gurdwara Sahib. Adham Asaadh Jaisay Baarounee Binaas KaalaSaadhasang Gang Mili Sujan Bhilaakhaee 15 5 A lowly person and a sinner desires for liquor on his death bed, while a noble person desires company of noble and saintly persons when time for this departure from the world approaches.

Thus He should be saluted again and again. Saadhousangi Padavee Bhagati Au Bibaykee JanaJeevan Moukati Saadhoo Brahamagiaanee Hai In the company of true people, one attains a position of a devotee, an analytical person, liberated alive and possessor of divine knowledge. The complete and absolute God is the source of all the visible and invisible cosmos. Sri Dasm Granth Sahib Ji 3.

That state is astonishing and wonderful. It is extremely wonderful. Installation Get this app while signed in to your Microsoft account and install on up to ten Windows 10 devices.


Kabit Bhai Gurdas (Punjabi) – Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji

But eating of meat etc. All platforms All platforms PC Mobile. He is filled with the love gurdae the Lord yurdas he acquires higher state of spiritual being.

Except for indulgence in Naam Simran, they wander nowhere else. Gurmukhi Dhiaan Kai Patisataa Soukhanbar LaiAnaki Patanbar Kee Sobhaa N Suhaavaee By the grace of True Guru, a Guru-conscious person appreciates no other apparel than the comfort giving dress of respect and honour acquired by virtue of perpetual engrossment of the mind in the Lord. He reposes his confidence in that Lord alone. A complete app congratulations.

His holy congregation is guurdas but this truth is realized only when one presents oneself before the True Lord Satguru.

Nihakaram Nihabharam Nihasaram NihasvaadaNirabivaad Niranjan Sounni Mai Sanniaasee Hai 16 8 He is a recluse beyond rites and rituals, infatiguiable, undesirous of all worldly tastes and relishments, beyond all worldly disputes and discords, not smudged by the mammon mayawho lives in a state of guurdas and tranquil thoughts. Jaisay Kachhap Dhari Dhiaan Saavadhaan KaraiTaisay Maataa Pitaa Preeti Soutu N Lagaavaee Just as a she tortoise bears its young ones in sand and takes care of them till they are sufficiently capable of looking after themselves, such love and concern for parents cannot be the characteristic of a child.

Living in the world, makes them untouchable and unaffected by j worldly attractions. Abigati Gati Ati Agam Agaadhi Bodhi gurvas, Ganmitaa N Giaan Dhiaan Simaran Mant Mai Lord whose form is so awesome and marvellous, whom no one can perceive, whose knowledge is imperceptible, many incantations uttered in total contemplation cannot reach him, such is the form of the True Guru.

Kabit Bhai Gurdas : Kabit 1 : ਕਬਿਤ ਭਾਈ ਗੁਰਦਾਸ :-

Sahaj Samaadhi Saadhasangati Sakhaa MilaapaGagan Ghataa Ghamand Jougati Kai Jaaneeai The method of meeting with the Lord God through meditation in a holy gathering is like the gathering and formation of clouds that cause rain, lightening and thunder. The light divine of such a True Guru.

It loses its worldly importance. Recently added support for searching gurmukhi shabad from “Shabad Kosh”.

Vaara Bhai Gurdaas Ji Such a servant acknowledges the presence of one Lord everywhere. Chatur Baran Paan Choonaa Au Soupaaree KaadaaAapaa Khoi Milat Anoop Roop Taas Hai As betel nut, betel leaf, lime and catechu lose their self-existence and merge with each other to produce a deep sheek colour more attractive than stek one of them;, ‘ ‘ ‘ 3: Just as the trees which are fragranced by a Sandalwood are sheek regarded different than the Sandalwood ‘ ‘ ‘7 17 2 4: Those in the refuge of True Guru hold no love for serving any other god.


He protects his mind from the influence of maya mammon and remains free from the worldly options and conceptions.

Kabit Savaiyen Sateek Bhai Gurdas Ji

Satiroop Satinaam Satigur Giaan DhiaanaPooran Sarabamaee Aadi Kau Adays Kai 10 6 Such a slave of the Guru who by focusing his mind in the Lord regards the indestructible and ever stable Lord permeated in every speck, salutes and pays his obeisance to the force who is the cause of all beginnings. But this can only be realised after becoming bereft of all lusts and worldly desires and raising the soul to a higher realm.

The practice of Naam Simran makes a person fearless, and immerses him in the love-elixir of beloved Lord.

Those feet which have not treaded towards the door of the True Guru are no good either. It is indeed unique. Beside becoming invaluable, it also becomes beautiful and attractive to look at. By virtue of divine sight of the True Guru, byai acquire the wisdom of loving worship. And therefore, to remember other good deeds is trifle and meaningless. Niraahaar Niraadhaar Nirankaar NirabikaaraNihachal Nihabhraati Nirabhai Niraasee Hai He is free of all desires of taste, not dependent on the grace of gods and goddesses, transcendental of form, independent of all support, free of vices and doubts, fearless and stable of mind.