A sweet deal on a Qi charger for the car. The checks on and after 1 0 are carried out automatically, and if an error is detected, on of the following messages will be displayed. Ill -8 Figure 3. When the printer is moved from a cold room into a warm room in cold weather, condensation may occur inside the printer, causing various problems as below: Transfer input signal error 5 Do the pins 7 and 8 of the connector P6 on the main PCB have the following value respectively when a sheet of paper is fed from the MP tray?

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Step 4 Transfer Paper Transfer charging roller Figure 2. This feeds paper to the photosensitive drum. Set paper on the MP tray. Max Media Size Custom. Wait detector a few seconds, then brothed it on again. Workgroup printer – laser – monochrome.

Is the MP sheet guide set correctly? This manual consists of the following chapters: Paper load in the cassette 2 Is over-amount of paper than specified load on the cassette? DC motor harness Brothher motor assy. If printing at dpi, you may need to add optional SIMM memory. As the photosensitive drum rotates at a constant speed and the laser beam scans the drum, an images brpther formed on the drum. Scanner Motor Control Circuit G Make sure that the fan rotates at the low speed.


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Possible cause Step Check Result Remedy Actuator 1 Does the actuator of the paper delivery sensor or the registration sensor operate smoothly? Yes Check again the top margin setting in the printing data.

Advantages compared with the corona transfer method are as follows: A cheap and charming color laser printer A cheap and charming color laser printer by Dan Ackerman. When the parallel interface is used, check the interface cable connection. No Set the paper front guide.

MP tray paper empty sensor 2 The pick-up roller solenoids are different. Yes The problem was caused by toner onesided due to too little toner remaining.

Follow the instructions below: All the switch signals are input to the video controller circuit. Maximum paper load on the cassette 4 Does the amount of paper loaded on the cassette exceed the specified maximum paper load?

Paper ejection is detected by the paper ejection sensor; if printed paper has not reached or not cleared the paper ejection sensor in a specified time, the printer judges that a paper jam brotber occurred. The checks on and after 1 0 are carried out automatically, bother if an error is detected, on of the following messages will be displayed. Yes Rock the cartridge, set it again in the printer and check again the print quality.


System Requirements OS Required.

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This changes the density of the print. The latent image formed on the drum surface is converted into a visible image by the toner on the developing cylinder and then image is transferred onto the paper by the transfer roller unit.

Compliance is mandatory for products marketed in the United States. Never use solvents] and, if the dirt remains, replace the transfer roller assy. The label shown below indicates compliance with the CDRH regulations and must be attached to laser products marketed in the United States. The transfer charging roller is thus cleaned.

Yes Clean the transfer roller [Use dry lint-free paper producing 6160e paper dust to clean the transfer roller.