Canon does not prohibit the use of third- party inks and the use of third-party inks does not invalidate the product’s limited warranty. Click on OK, and OK again. You can create cards, invitations, announcements, and more. Note To setup a print job on banner paper, you must decide on the number of sheets you need. Usetheend of a pen or similar object to flatten the leading edge of envelopes. If necessary, replace the BJ cartridge. Canon Specialty Papers Canon offers numerous specialty papers, including:

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Check the parallel cable M ake sure the parallel cable is securely fastened to the computer and the printer. Miscellaneous Rack Mounting Kit. These instructions provide important information regarding how to achieve the highest print quality with these papers.

Canon Bjc-1000 Color Bubble Jet Printer

If you plan to move the printer from one location to another, or if you want to store it, follow these steps. M edia type Drying time Canon Glossy Photo Paper or Cards Canon High Gloss Film Canon Fabric Sheets Canon Transparencies Canon Back Print Film 2 minutes 15 minutes 1 hour 15 minutes 15 minutes r When a sheet of film has dried completely, cover its printed side with a sheet of plain not coated paper before storing it; this is recommended even if you place the sheets of film in a clear fileor plastic holder.


Before you start, makesureyou have thefollowing computer setup. M ore intense or more saturated colors are more pure. If Back Print Film becomes curled, follow these steps to uncurl it: Select Color for the BJ Cartridge setting. The best way to find current information is through our online support services and through our Fax Retrieval System.

Quickly press it twice to start printing. Low resolution causes font characters and graphics to have a jagged appearance. Follow the installation instructions in Appendix B.

If you have trouble with special papers becoming skewed or feeding multiple sheets, do not stack them i n the sheet feeder. The printer driver tells the computer what kind of a printer you are using. FCC-1 Features tab, printer driver: Maintaining the BJ Cartridges A Caution The most important thing you can do to extend the life of your printer and to ensure optimum print quality istakecareof the BJ cartridges.

Canon BJC Bubble Jet Printer – – Buy & Sell Used Office Furniture Calgary

You can print beyond the perforation and then tear off the margins; this allows you to fill the entire card with an image or color. Commercial number 10 envelope 9.

Fabric sheets are 9. Reduce the print intensity in the printer driver To change this setting, open the Printer Properties dialog box. If het are reinstalling the printer driver, remove the installed BJ printer driver and then install the printer driver again.

Full text of “Canon BJC User Manual”

Your printer has a built-in, Centronics- type parallel interface with bidirectional capability. The Warranty Card that comes with the printer describes Canon’s limited warranty for your Bubblejet printer.


You may not be able to print correctly with a WPS printer driver installed on your computer. Auto Vjc Guidelines When automatically feeding stacks of paper, follow these guidelines: If you can then print normally, the fault is probably in the switching device or external buffer.

Canon BJC-1000 – printer – color – ink-jet Series

You can also manually feed envelopes one at a time. A-l Storage box, BJ cartridges: US No 10 4. To find bkbble dealer near you, call the Canon Referral Servi ce at Smoothing mode A printer mode that refines your printout by polishing away jagged edges and ragged stair-stepping curves of characters and graphics.

Use this setting to print a hard copy of along document for proofreading and editing before you print the final copy. Reload the print media M ake sure that you load the media with the correct print side up. T- Shirt Transfers Use Canon’s popular T- Shirt Transfers to create and personalize T-shirts, sweatshirts, aprons, tablecloths, napkins, tote bags, and anything else your imagination canoon