The CD contains optional Bluetooth stack drivers for Windows users only. I’d add it to the wiki myself but I don’t have an account and registrations are currently closed. Broadcom Corporation 15 Features: Cirago BT plugged in to powered usb hub. Wifi worked out-of-the-box with Raspbian Wheezy and Raspbmc. It runs the raspi but the usb dongle did not work. I’d rather use that over Raspbian.

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There is no additional software installation process needed. I know everything about nothing”.

The dongle draws a good amount of current, so you may want to try it with a powered USB hub that’s what I’m doing. When I first tried it with a recommended power supply, the system was flaky.

Do not install dongle’s driver. If you upgraded to Windows 10 from a previous version of Windows, you may need to first remove the old Bluetooth driver, then plug in BTA cirxgo allow Windows 10 to install its own driver.

RPi USB Bluetooth adapters –

I have seen several pages where someone else asked this same question, but not one answer for the question. The product is plug and play, ready to go right out of the box. I bought my dongle in Japan, though I’m assuming there is no difference with the one being offered by Amazon in the link. All trade names referenced are the registered trademarks of their respective owners.


I had previously installed an Airlink wifi adapter which works great Install the driver that came with the dongle or click on the above ‘Download’ link to download the driver.

Then insert the dongle and Windows 10 will automatically install its own driver. As far as it is concerned, there is no wlan0 I am new to linux and the rpi, and getting nowhere, with searching for the proper steps. Once installed all devices are recognised properly on startup and no special action is required before using them – well the keyboard usually requires a couple of taps to wakeup at the initial login prompt, but nothing other than that.

Bluetooth Mini USB Adapter | BTA | Cirago

All you need to do is connect the device to your computer make sure to connect it directly to a USB port directly on your computer, do not use HUBs or USB slots on keyboards or other peripherals and configure your Bluetooth settings manager found in the System Preferences of your Mac computer. What is in the box? I’ve really searched all I can, and this is the only page I can find about it and raspberry pi.

Any help would be appreciated, wifi is the last thing on my to-do list to get all this up and running.


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This could be power related but I’ve tried a couple different supplies and have tried with a powered hub, no luck. For reference Xirago am running Raspian Wheezy. Compatible with Mac OS: I’m looking for something low profile that will operate without a powered hub. I have not tried Bluetooth yet. Hey All, I just wanted to add that I purchased the Cirago BTA which looks to be the same just rebranded as the dongle listed above in this thread.

Our Windows 8 system needed almost no get-acquainted period. Compatible with Windows 8: Compatible with Windows BTA A6 version no engravement: The bluetooth worked with Raspbian once bluetooth, bluez-utils, and blueman were installed. I got mine from here http: Using apple bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Ships only to the 48 Continental United States. That’s why asked for better instructions.

Then i just found out. The model numbers are the same.