Hastic Not even close. What does the song mean to you? I have yet to dig through my old CDs and verify it is missing for sure. Ironically, the last line is the one missing line. I personally don’t agree but I can definitely see where you are coming from with your interpretation. My Interpretation If that’s the way it’s gonna be Then I’ll fuckin go it alone!

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As a metalhead, vocalist and lyric writer, I can say that not all songs are necessarily “about” anything specific.

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Always good to hear different opinions. There was an error.

Sometimes words just come and just fit right with the music. In fact, on Live’s second album “Secret Samadhi”, Ed Kowalczyk says while writing lyrics for the album, he focused on finding words that sound good together, have the right syllables and fit the song, with no specific meaning or devlidriver behind them.

Lyric Correction I edited these lyrics to add devildriverr missing line: General Comment i dunno about what sonic raider said but at ozzfest last year dez said that the song was about marijuana being legalized in california? Even somebody like Snoop Dogg, whose house was burned down, I think. Why not add your own?


Devildriver – Clouds Over California

The double bass drum rhythm is so much more wholesome and evolved. I think this line is the key to the meaning of this song if any. General Comment Devildrivfr look at the lyrics and think about the huge fires that took their reign over California last year.

I don’t think this song is about the “demise of friendship” as Sonic Raider said, or about a degrading social standard in California. I’ve califodnia many liner notes with typos. Most decent writers will compromise a coherent meaning in favor of syllable structure or even rhyme.

Dez’s demonic vocals is a lot more sophisticated that most.

General Comment This song is about gays in California. A lot of his lyrical content is about the behavior of people in his life in the context of people not being who they say clokds are or being hypocrites, or fakes. Flag ka-tet on November 16, I’ve searched around quite a bit and can’t find anything other than Dez mentioning people ask him about the meaning of Clouds Over California, in the context of how some songs are clearly about something, and some are less clear.

If it was about legalizing marijuana being legalized in california, i really don’t think that devil driver is the kind of band to curse that. Dez, like most lyricists, write about some things more often than others.


DevilDriver – Clouds Over California Lyrics | SongMeanings

Login with Facebook Error: Those are arguably the best-written songs, as opposed to the ones written with a formula, or trying to make a statement. Lyrics don’t HAVE to be about anything. General Comment What’s the G-O with the film deviildriver Sending everybody into chaos. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery.

Hastic Not even close.

Devildriver РClouds Over California РVid̩o dailymotion

I have yet to dig through my old CDs and verify it is missing for sure. Add your thoughts 12 Comments.

Ironically, the last line is the one missing line. So Clouds Over California may be about something, but more than likely, it’s not and even if is, it probably made more sense when Dez was writing it, because of what was going on in his life at the time.

We do not have any tags for Clouds Over California lyrics. Tool is famous for that. Even the titles of their songs are deliberately misleading: Hastic interesting take on the lyrics.