Read the full text of the poem The Blessed Damozel. The Blessed Damozel. by Dante Gabriel Rossetti The blessed damozel lean’d out. From the gold bar of. The The Blessed Damozel Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary by Dante Gabriel Rossetti The Blessed Damozel Questions and Answers. Baum, “The Blessed Damozel”. ◦ Bentley,“A Young Man’s Fantasy”. ◦ Faxon, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, ◦ Fredeman, “Rossetti’s ‘The Blessed Damozel’”.

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The young man on earth wonders whether God will invite him to enjoy endless unity with his beloved. The principal source is generally Dantean, and especially the material that centers in the Vita Nuova. The damozel will then petition Christ to allow her and her young man to live forever together, united in love. In this format, a line has four pairs of unstressed and stressed syllables, for a total of eight syllables.

She is leaning upon the wall and gazing down at where she thinks Earth is. She is truly depressed by her situation. God will bring them together. The lover in DGR’s predella also recalls the votive figures that appear in any number of public or domestic votive Madonnas, where the picture is made an offering for some public or private mercy.

The blessed damozel leaned out From the gold bar of Heaven; Her eyes were deeper than the depth Of waters stilled at even; She had three lilies in her hand, And the stars in her hair were seven.

The lady is still standing at her viewing point singing out into the vastness of space. The Blessed Damozel leans out from a golden banister on the outermost boundary separating heaven from space.


The Blessed Damozel

This speaks to her purity and divine soul, that she is still amazed by what she is seeing. Several pieces of music were based on the poem, including those for orchestra by DebussyGranville BantockEdgar BaintonErnest Farrar ; for piano by Arnold Bax ; for string quartet by Benjamin Burrows ; and a choral by Julius Harrison.

The poet repeats once more that her voice is elegant and sounds like a number of stars are singing together. Her eyes are deeper than the bottom of still waters.

The Blessed Damozel: a Study Guide

Her hair, the color of ripe corn, flows onto her back. It was the rampart of God’s house That she was standing on; By God built over the sheer depth The which is Space begun; So high, that looking downward thence She scarce could see orssetti sun.

Substance of which ancient thinkers theorized that the space of the universe was made. The printer’s copy manuscript for this correction is in the Troxell Collection at Princeton. Around the damozel stand lovers, newly united in heaven, greeting each other. Yea, one wast thou with me That once of old. What is a “wrought flower” line 8?

Even though many have been separated for a long time, babriel hearts remember one another.

Identify two similes in the first two stanzas. She describes the love that the two share and how soon, because they have both prayed for it, they will be reunited.

Other important sources include the book of Revelation; Philip James Bailey’s Festuswhich Rossetti was reading repeatedly when he was composing his poem, and which features the separation of the title character from his beloved and emparadised Angela; and E.

An untraced manuscript containing 13 of the received 24 stanzas was sold at Sotheby’s on 1 May The foundational Rossettian subject of the emparadised woman is in this case imagined as dreaming downward, as it were, to her lover who remains alive in the world. All of which she speaks will come to pass, she believes.


In the twentieth century, scientists rejected the ether theory after Albert Einstein developed his Special Theory of Relativity, which centered on the speed and properties of light. The damozel stands on a rampart built by God around heaven. God built this place in safety.

Analysis of The Blessed Damosel by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

To one, it is ten years of years. The four versions are 1. Friends and patrons repeatedly urged Rossetti to illustrate his most famous poem, [3] and he finally accepted a commission from William Graham in February She will in fact be so proud of the couple that she will grant the damsel a request.

The poem describes the damozel observing her lover from heaven, and her unfulfilled yearning for their reunion in heaven. This is one of DGR’s signature works and it was blsssed as gbriel very early. There are many things that separate the two lovers. Frederick Richards Leyland commissioned eighteen paintings from Rossetti, not counting unfulfilled commissions.

Other disenchanted artists joined them, and in January they began publishing a short-lived journal devoted to their central tenet: The speaker continues on, giving some more detail to the scene he is viewing.