Also it is region free now. Thanks Bro Vlad I read some of your earlier stuff where you were quoted as having a rpc1 something or rather? How do you check if it is a DVD burner? Thats just an offhand suggestion. For me the drive runs quieter now with a dvd.

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Also it is region free now.

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RPC1 region-free firmware handles the regioning of the drive. But we can tell you now that you have Combo drive. Firmware is only available from the computer manufacturer who used that drive for system building. Hl-df-st other would be to reburn it at a lower speed, some drives are more picky than others. Your post is not suitable for this very thread.

Problem with HL-DT-ST-RW/DVD GCC 4240N

Chewie email me directly if you prefer pchew yahoo. I have no idea what happened and have attempted to update the driver, but to no avail.

Thank you for your prompt reply. Start with uninstalling the ide drivers in devicemanager, then restart. I also tried to upgrade from DELL source. Start your own thread instead – you will also re more people paying attention to your problem that way. If you upgrade the firmware using dangerous brothers rpc1 upgrade. How do you check if it is a DVD burner? I suggest 4x so that you can totally rule out burning speed should it not work, and use a good quality cdr with good cd-dye.


XP automatically sets the driver. Is the drive recognised correctly in device manager?

Any suggestions will be gratefully received. Can you plse send me a link to get a firmware upgrade frfor this drive?

The drive is not a DVD Writer. Still wouldnt mind your help once more? Hl-dg-st this and report back! There are lots of things you can do to experiment, try the first two I suggested and see what happens, report back, maybe others have the same problem.

Thats just an offhand suggestion. Anyone offer an address where I can go to download a firmware fix, or does this require something else? It just spins down and acts as if it is going to hk-dt-st but then spins back up again and reads the disc. Now get your disc out of the drive and exchange it for another written disc.

What brand name is the cd that was recorded? How can I resolve this problem. I can burn any cd bcc-4240n 24x, no longer have the annoying 10x problem. Some bod in wales sold me this dvd rewriter which was in a removable module for Dell Latitude C and had only once written a CD-R, I cant get it to be visible to Nero gcc-4240nn and it will simply not recognize dvds, have tried various brands of dvds and cdrs, even some cdrs are not recognisable to the drive.


Apart from the fact that it is rather rude, it makes the discussion in this thread quite confusing. I have this drive on my laptop, is this a dvd burner? The weird thing is that when I restart my computer with the CD in it, it will then recognize that there is data on the CD. Use a tool like DiscInfo, and post the summary File, Save. If not, you really have a strange hardware problem going on. You can check the Media Forums here for cd dye suggestions and many many tests already done to save you the work.