Ethics: Criminal Statutes: 18 U.S.C. § ; Office of Government Ethics Regulations: 5 DoD Directive · DoD R (Joint Ethics Regulations). subsection Ab. of Enclosure 3 of DoD Directive of May 6, (32 C.F.R. ) and effect. All DoD Component regulations implementing these cancelled DoD. Directives, and all SCHAPTER 1. DoD R. changes to DoD R, “Joint Ethics Regulation (JER),” August DoD Component’s ethics programs for DoD employees, both civilian.

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In addition, it is the Administrative Officers’ responsibility to ensure that any new positions are evaluated to determine whether such reports are required; or.

See subsection of this Regulation, above. Head of each DoD Component command or organization Any actions taken as the result of the above referrals shall be reported to the DoD Component Regulafion in accordance with subsection DoD employees may authorize an allotment for membership dues to a non-Federal entity as provided in 5 C.

It is the responsibility of the reporting individual to ensure that his or her report is timely filed. Determine what remedial action should be taken to bring the reporting individual into compliance; 4. As you take the following steps, such as identifying goals and naming stakeholders, new problems or needed decisions may become apparent. Current and former 550.07-r employees may obtain counseling and written advice concerning post-employment restrictions from the Ethics Counselor of the DoD Component command or organization from which they are leaving, or have left, Federal Government service.

DoD employees shall become familiar with the 55500.7-r of and authority for the official reglation for which they are responsible. In addition to the gifts which come within the exceptions set forth in 5 C.

Limitation on Solicited Sales Title 32 National Guard Ethicw. Except when acceptance is permitted under 5 C. Doe on June 16, ” and initial the comment. When more than one organization participates in making a single contribution, award, or payment, only the organization that selects the recipient and administers the funds from which the contribution, award, or payment is made will be considered the source. Standards for Accomplishing Disqualification. Prepare and submit a report to the DoD Component DAEO or designee within 30 days after completion of travel during which travel benefits have been paid by non-Federal sources under 5 U.


DOD 5500.07-R, The Joint Ethics Regulation (JER), including Changes 1-7.

Attend ethics and procurement integrity training as required; f. Assignment of Reserves for Training Regulqtion cases involving former Federal Government employees other than former DoD employees, authorization may be obtained in accordance with procedures in 18 U. However, any use of military titles is prohibited if it in any way casts discredit on DoD or gives the appearance of sponsorship, sanction, endorsement, or approval by DoD. DoD employees may not accept DoD Component membership in a non-Federal entity on behalf of DoD except as regulaation by statute or regulation.

Perform all the other duties of an Agency Designee established in this Regulation and in 5 C. If the Ethics Counselor agrees with the supervisor’s evaluation that no item violates, or appears to violate, applicable laws or regulations, but that there are financial interests in non-Federal entities doing or seeking business with DoD, then the Ethics Counselor may issue a memorandum of caution to the reporting individual and shall sign and date the report.

Certify Qualified Individuals to conduct ethics training; i. Any official travel benefits from non-Federal sources accepted by the travel approving authority must be:. Where a disclaimer is required for a speech or other oral presentation, the disclaimer may be given orally provided it is given at the beginning of the oral presentation. Annotate such list to indicate when required training was accomplished and retain annotated list for three years.

Government Ethics

Loyalty requires careful balancing among various interests, values and institutions in the interest of harmony and cohesion. DoD employees must be committed to justice in the performance of their official duties. CSEP does not hold copyright on any of the codes of ethics in our collection. Assignment of Reserves for Training a. Pursuant to the authority at section of P. Parents, siblings, spouse, children, and dependent relatives. After the initial review, the Regualtion Counselor shall obtain additional information, as necessary, seek remedial action, or sign and date the joiht.


Take the time to gather all necessary information. A reporting individual who is reassigned or transferred from one covered position to another during ethisc reporting period shall file an annual report whether or not he was employed in that new position for 61 days.


In some cases, the ethical element of decision-making will go no further than to consciously acknowledge that there are no significant ethical ramifications to consider. Provide sufficient resources including funding and investigative, audit, legal, training and administrative staff to enable the DoD Component DAEO or designee to implement and administer the DoD Component’s ethics programs in a ddod and effective manner. Participation in Conferences and Similar Events For purposes of 5 C.

To provide a safe and healthful work environment, free from recognized occupational hazards for all personnel; and To contribute to the improvement of our society, regulatjon its disadvantaged members, by greater utilization of our human and physical resources while maintaining full effectiveness in the performance of our primary mission.

Charged to the DoD employee’s home telephone number or other non-Federal Government number third number call. The Director, Washington Headquarters Services shall:. DoD employees shall not officially endorse or appear to endorse membership drives or fundraising for any non-Federal entity except the following organizations which are not subject to the provisions of subsection of this Regulation, below:.

The head of a DoD Component command or organization may provide DoD employees in their official capacities to express DoD policies as speakers, panel members or other participants, or, on a limited basis, the use of DoD facilities and equipment and the services of DoD employees necessary to make proper use of the equipmentas logistical support of an event sponsored by a non-Federal entity, except for fundraising and membership drive events, when the head of the DoD command or organization determines all of the following:.

Ensure that ethics advice and facts relied upon for such advice is in writing, when practicable; d.