In Justice for Hedgehogs (JH), Ronald Dworkin has written a truly remarkable philosophical work. It advances a bold treatment of all the. Baedeker — Independence. Truth in morals — External skepticism — Morals and causes — Internal skepticism — Interpretation. Moral responsibility — Interpretation . One of the greatest legal and moral philosophers of the postwar era, Ronald Dworkin argues in his new book, Justice for Hedgehogs, that there.

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Dworkin holds that the intrinsic goal of science is truth true theories, laws, etc. A just distribution of resources requires some form of a free market, capitalist economy: And, Dworkin’s discussion of the distinction between paternalistic and probalistic laws is an interesting engagement of the idea of liberty.

The second may imply that I ought to keep whatever resources I need to fulfill my personal responsibility to live well. I like the emphasis on the concept of dignity as being essential to “living well”.

The basic point is that like the hedgehog in a famous essay by Isaiah Berlin, there is one big thing Dworkin knows above all else — it is what makes sense of how we act as persons, how we relate to others and how we construct our society.

Similarly, there can be no trade-off between the importance and responsibility principles. Academic scholarship these days is more like staying in a hotel than a home: The idea for the title is from a quote made famous by Isaiah Berlin. The nineteen substantive chapters stand as a great statement of a life well lived and with, it is hoped, many years still to go.

Because this claim must apply to scientific truth, it supports the criticism I advance above, that interpretive and scientific inquires cannot be sharply distinguished on the ground that science does dwlrkin require interpretation of its goal s — even if we take truth to be the goal.

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We do not regard this liberty as an intrinsic or fundamental value because the liberty to rape, batter, steal, defraud, cheat, etc. I try to show how that’s wrong. Dworkin’s writing has always puzzled me a bit. Sign In or Dwoekin an Account. Damien Moule rated it liked it Nov 15, An influential contributor to both philosophy of law and political philosophy, Dworkin nustice the Holberg International Memorial Prize in the Humanities for “his pioneering scholarly work” of “worldwide impact.

Dworkin’s central principles assert 1 the independence of moral judgments, 2 the unity of moral values, and 3 the interpretive character of these values. Secondly, the above view fails in treating liberty and equality as fundamental intrinsic values, independent and opposed, which violates our moral convictions in the following way. God, argues Dworkin, gave us moral laws whose truth was guaranteed by Him. We’re two hours into a conversation that has ranged over US taxation policy, gay marriages and abortion.

Hedehogs deals with what the members of a political community owe to one another. This is a striking and inspiring result of Dworkin’s interpretive paradigm of the unity of value!

Half of JH is devoted to a meta-ethical inquiry in rworkin Dworkin establishes the autonomy of moral judgment, true moral convictions as the aim of such judgment, and ‘interpretation’ as the sole and sufficient guide to truths about value.

Apr 06, Jeremy Vernon rated it it was amazing.


A fitting capstone to the works of Ronald Dworkin, arguably the greatest legal philosopher of his era. The unity of value is exhibited when an agent finds a way to act that simultaneously embodies a due regard for the importance of others’ lives and, at the same time, for one’s personal responsibility for her own life. Christine Tiefensee – – Philosophical Studies 9: This is a challenging and sometimes technical book for the general reader such as I am.

While I really haven’t had heegehogs chance to digest his arguments, I think his book stands with some of the monuments of contemporary political theory like Rawls and Habermas who till roughly the same field.


Yes, but Dworkin argues it’s good circular, not bad circular. Living well is the ethical responsibility of the person whose life is at stake.

Justice for Hedgehogs

The book description says everything in the way of a synopsis. Again, Dworkin isn’t part of the zeitgeist. Dworkin for his part takes the side of the hedgehog. Ronald Dworkin’s Justice for Hedgehogs.

Justice for Hedgehogs — Ronald Dworkin | Harvard University Press

This interpretation of human dignity as the ground of both ethical and moral value — living well and respecting duties to others — provides Dworkin’s desired unity, integrity of fit, between these two values. Metalinguistic Negotiations and The Methodology of Philosophy. The consequence of these acts may be equally deleterious.

Justice for Hedgehogs by Ronald Dworkin. Harvard University Justicw, Foxes know a lot of things while hedgehogs know one big thing. To listen to Dworkin is jusyice feel like a drowning man who occasionally glimpses through the mist a stately ship, realising that you’ll never get close enough to clamber aboard.

We may also seek to explain a moral belief, or why people hold it — the aim of anthropologists, sociologists, psychologists, etc. Request removal from index.

Article PDF first page preview. Nov 14, Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: Daniel Roberts rated it it was amazing Dec 03, Dworkin does not challenge internal skepticism dworkjn a whole because internal skeptics always assume the truth of some moral convictions that can be evaluated on the terrain of interpretation.

The problem is that any scheme of equality of goods or resources would seem to diminish individual responsibility for the attainment of these goods, bringing inequality in its wake.