There are several possibilities: I later changed to buying D-Link as they were cheaper and also reliable. With our iiNet connection, we were up and running in just two minutes after the modem was out of the box. The names D-Link and DynaLink are too similar yet different products, very confusing. View our privacy policy before signing up. It’s fairly easy to set-up an account, as long as you have your proxy and account details to hand, and once we entered our details, it registered our MyNetFone account almost instantly. The system must be rebooted to have the new settings take effect, therefore the Reboot window will appear.

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You may need the Windows CD to complete the installation. Contact your DSL service provider before proceeding with software installation.

I bought this on TradeMe so no manual e-mosem. I need power and lots of it. Would you buy this?

To print the manual completely, please, download it. The inbuilt XP drivers for an RS serial external modem probably work fine, but from memory they tended to run at only Before you start… The following information may be required for software installation.

It may even work with a “Hayes compatible” driver. Remove all disks from their drives, select Yes, reboot the computer now; and click Close to reboot. Grab the manual while you are at it as already mentioned.


Dynalink RTA1046VW

The names D-Link and DynaLink are too similar yet different products, very confusing. It shouldn’t be a problem on a modern board there are usually com ports aplenty If you want, you can go to device manager and disable the internal modem Just hook it dynallink and XP will install it I have found sometimes thought that the systems may need rebooted twice for it to work don’t ask me why as I don’t know. A list of service providers is displayed.

Don’t show me this message again. It also doesn’t have MIMO multiple input, multiple output antennas, yet its single external antenna was still able to stream video capably between m in our tests.

They were very reliable and good quality. XP should automatically install this as an Askey You shouldn’t need any drivers I use one in customers homes to test connections and XP has never failed to install it dynalin, OIC.

The protocol required in your configuration depends on the equipment deployed by your DSL service provider. A proper serial modem should “just work”.

Dynalink Modem [Archive] – PC World Forums

What do I have to do with that before trying to install the External Modem?. WAN driver This driver causes the dyhalink to resemble a dial-up modem. Should be no problems at all. Get the manual from the same link Jen gave you for the drivers and quick guide. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.


It has been organized in a way that should make it easy to follow by users worldwide. Is it a complicated process?.

A message will be displayed to remind you to unplug your modem. Also with these external modems can you hear the dialling?. Be sure to follow the instructions provided for the operating system appropriate for you. dynalin

I have the older C model myself, and found it very reliable before getting broadband. Perhaps I would be better to buy a new D-Link you mention. Thats a very good reliable modem, I used iij buy them by the box of at a time. Can anyone advise how this works?.

Any “driver” is likely to just contain information to help Windows set Windows up for the local telephone system. I presume the manual would have quoted the “C” but I bought it on TradeMe so didn’t get a manual. With our iiNet connection, we were up and running in just two minutes after the modem was out of the box.