EC COMPUTER NETWORKS ANNA UNIVERSITY PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTION PAPER, IMPORTANT QUESTIONS, 2 MARKS AND 16 MARKS. Download ECcomputer networks question bank B.E electronics and communication engineering regulation. computer networks. PART-A(10 × 2 = 20). (Answer all the Questions). 1. Define a computer network. 2 . What is the similarity between transport layer and data link layer? 3. Define.

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EC2352 Computer Networks MJ2014 Question Paper

Current mirror and current sources, Current sources as active loads, Voltage sources, Voltage References, BJT Differential amplifier with active loads, General operational amplifier stages -and internal circuit diagrams of ICDC and AC performance characteristics, slew rate, Ec22352 and closed loop configurations.

Astable and monostable multivibrators using NE Timer. Fourier transform and linear filtering interpretations, Sampling rates – Spectrographic displays – Pitch and formant extraction – Analysis by Synthesis – Analysis synthesis systems: Listening comprehension exercises to categorise data in tables.

Hennessey and David A. Reading nehworks exercises with questions on overall content — Discussions analyzing stylistic features creative and factual description – Reading comprehension exercises with texts including graphic compkter – Exercises in interpreting non-verbal communication.

Rajiv Ramaswami and Kumar Neteorks. The numerical differentiation and integration find application when the function in the analytical form is too complicated or the huge amounts of data are given such as series of measurements, observations or some other empirical information.

Carr and John M. Parametric devices -Principles of operation – applications of parametric amplifier. These have to be carried out using atleast 0. Circuit switched networks — Data gram Networks — Virtual circuit networks Cable networks for Data transmission: To introduce basic concepts of distributed data bases and distributed operating systems.


To introduce the basic architecture of Pentium family of processors.

The course will also serve as a prerequisite for post graduate and specialized studies and research. Weighted sound levels speech interference — highway noise — noise induced hearing loss — noise and architectural design specification and measurement of some isolation design of portions.

All these should be achieved both conceptually and through solved examples. To introduce the properties of hearing and speech To describe the architecture and computsr inclusive of reverberation and noise. To introduce the concepts and architecture of RISC processor.

Design of FIR filters 5.

EC Computer Networks May June Question Paper

Gabel and Richard A. Listening comprehension exercises to categorise data in tables. Generation of Signals 2. Token bus and token ring protocols 7. Programs for Digital clock and Stop watch Using This also covers small propagation effects such as fading, time delay spread and Doppler spread and describes how to measures and model the impact that signal bandwidth and motion have on the instantaneous received signal through the multi-path channel.

Isolator and Circulator — S – parameter measurement 6. Proactive Vs reactive routing, Unicast routing algorithms, Multicast routing algorithms, hybrid routing algorithm, Energy aware routing algorithm, Hierarchical Routing, QoS aware routing.


DC motor Interfacing card 3 Nos. Measurement of maximum power output. He should be able to understand the laws of motion, the kinematics of motion and the interrelationship. Magnetic flux density — The Lorentz bqnk equation for a moving charge and applications — Force on a wire carrying a current I placed in a magnetic field — Torque on a loop carrying a current I — Netwworks moment — Magnetic Vector Potential. C and Canale, R.


Dynamic time warping, K-means clusering and Vector quantization, Gaussian mixture modeling, hidden Markov modeling – Automatic Speech Recognition: Security issues in adhoc networks: Hayt Jr, Jack E. Measurement of maximum power output.

To explain real time operating systems and inter-task communication. Col P S Bajaj and Dr.

To understand WPAN and geo-location systems. To familiarize students with different rhetorical functions of scientific English. Measurement of DC voltage under load and ripple factor, Comparison with calculated values. Evans and William M. Band pass filter and cascading of band pass filter elements.

Khan and Kanchan K. Determination of bias resistance to locate Q-point at center of load line. Marketing engineer convincing a customer to nftworks his product. Apparatus Range Quantity To encourage students to actively involve in participative learning of English and to help them acquire Communication Skills.

Electronics and Communication Engineering 3. Group Discussions etc 2. Mahmood Nahvi and Joseph A. Energy density in magnetic fields — Nature of magnetic materials — magnetization and permeability – magnetic boundary conditions.