It is and I have been running an AW8 since Robert Koppenhol ps Email is RobertKoppenhol. Apart from that it works fine. This was an expensive bit of hardware. I seriously cannot afford to buy another auido program after forking out for Cakewalk 6. Email supplied but hidden http: Ben Harrison not so rich Email:

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Why on earth doesnt the emagic AudioWerk8 card support other soundrecording software like cakewalk. I guess i should consider myself lucky. Was genial, with reason rewired and emavic SX there was no latency, till I reinstall my PC and now it dost work the drivers. Unfortunately he is not able to install the card properly.

Emagic Audiowerk 2 PCI Sound Card for PC and Mac Aw2 I2/o2 Rev. a Tested

I use the extension AW 8 and the sound control panel. Most of the latter have a MIDI interface as well.

Hi all, when I was searching for a soundcard I could use, I found the Emagic Audiowerk2 and audkowerk the m-audio delta 44 were the most appropriate. It keeps telling me fail pathinit – something like that – System intel mmx with qdi Tx mainboard; s3 virge dx 4mb videocard and an advansys ultrascsi all on the PCIbus! But it sure gave me headaches. He is an professiol musician.


Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Will I be able to at least use the digital out with digital performer 2.

This would be cool ;- TED. Just read the Event card review and dont give a shit about the Audiowerk8 any more.

Emagic Audiowerk 2 Sound Card!!!! – Avid Pro Audio Community

More choices in this product category from other manufacturers: Where’s the ADAT optical interface? He would like to use the card under Logic Audio 2.

Please help us, Dennis Product rating out of 5: The 8 outputs do add the flexibility of using external processing though. Email supplied but hidden wirkiffen.

But now, I may be stupid to ask this, how about midi. Ben Emagid not so rich wrote: What can we do without a good MME driver?? I’ve found this to occsionally be a point of confusion — when you say a sound card “has MIDI,” this is ambiguous — it can mean a couple of things.

I dont mean to put things on a dowmner but using my new Computer Warehouse Paris Mac and the Audiowerks 8 with Logic Discovery Im finding whenever I try to record there is horrible noise interference a phased and distorted hiss. Any idea if we can sync up 2 cards together for 16 outs??

Pictures and images Emagic Audiowerk 8 – Audiofanzine

I seriously cannot afford to buy another auido program after forking out for Cakewalk 6. Sorry if all these comments Ive been puttin up are annoying audioweerk, just that you are the only dude around who seems to know his shit.


Enter your search terms Submit search form. I have the card but i have a lot of problems.

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ahdiowerk Im a professional jazz guitarist in the Philadelphia area. If you find it easier to edit audio in cubase rather than logic you must be doing something wrong I have mine running on a macintosh with no installation problems at all and its perfect, the onlyproblem I am finding is how to get money to buy another one!

I’m sure it is in their best interests to beat their competitors to a fully multi-media friendly multi channel soundcard.

I would still recommend triple dat as a total package over this I have a mac performathat says it can take PCI cards up to 6.