Replace the cyan imaging unit. Follow the new set up instructions in the link below. Konica Minolta is not responsible for any system errors that may result from using a registry editor incorrectly. Solution If no finisher is installed and all of the following conditions are met, copies can be fed out and sorted in an alternating crisscross pattern. Press the Start key and check that the results are OK. Solution There is no procedure for programming the software counters. Confirm the the Result is [OK].

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Incorrect setting in PageScope Light. This sensor controls the fuser speed, and if it is not operating properly a brushed image can result. To resolve this issue please clear all copy counts from any account without a password associated with it.

The SMTP server has a size limitation for email attachments. To make changes to the pint driver to use as the Printing Defaults, perform the following: Click the [Next] button, and then click the [Finish] button to apply the setting.

Select the C device. For additional information, the symptoms section of this solution should be applied. The Administrator’s section of the Web Utilities 08d-m unavailable while the machine is operating.


Fabricated pressure leaf springs on the gate to allow for easy return after fold. A x3d C PCL driver version 1. Keep removed Image units covered to protect from overexposure to light.

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Konica Minolta is not responsible for any system errors that may result from using a registry editor incorrectly. From the C, set paper Tray 1 to Thick 3.

Press the “Setup” button. It will print with one of the previously used printer’s selected options. Konica Minolta recommends that all service be performed by an authorized service representative. The code should clear feiry a message to close the front door should appear.

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In this scenario, you will have a driver that is comprised of components from 2 different versions. It is necessary to follow exactly the procedures as mentioned in Installation guide and keep each step listed below in the right order so as to make the machine run normally and to cancel the protection.

This is a known anomaly that was identified as being caused by QuarkXPress. The old print driver was removed prior to installing the new one. One or both of the screws that lock the belt unit are lose or missing. The last file received by the Snap Server will show as 0 bytes. An engine firmware bug with the C If the tray is press the Utility Key.

  ELETTRODATA [email protected] DRIVER

Refine your LDAP search criteria. Cannot ping the copier.

Either place the paper in a tray that is not set to special paper or set the tray to normal paper. Select a frame type manually. Return to the basic screen and select the paper size desired.

The Engineering Center has requested the following items fifry submitted for every machine experiencing this problem: Please use the return label provided on the RA notification which will be faxed to you.

Non-accessible servers since they require NTLM0. Replace the magenta imaging unit. Solution The part number for the MB compact flashcard is The original detection sensors need to be calibrated.