18 أيلول (سبتمبر) EGP: Oriental piano with perfect condition everything works as new Has many oriental tones and styles بيانو چيم شرقي فيه كل النغمات و. A vendre un orgue oriental GEM PK5 avec support et sacoche.. proposez vos prix INBOX:). Gem PK5 Arranger keyboard in good working ically,there are some stickers on keys,scratches,etc. The original AC adapter is taped but works.

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Got it, continue to print. To Select A Song Add Modulation To Your Playing You can select an effect in both DSP units. Regulating The Send Levels If you experience any hearing loss or ringing in the ears, you should consult an audiologist.

GEM PK5 Oriental Owner’s Manual

Performances to disk PK7 only before using lk5, in order to avoid losing them. Styles And Oriental Styles hem Read the FCC note on the inside back cover of the owner’s manual for. Each note of the keyboard corresponds to a letter of the alphabet or a number. Speak into the microphone. To activate an effect 2. If you select a different Performance, or reselect the same Performance without saving the changes, the newly assigned effects will be lost and the original settings will be restored.

Gem PK5 Oriental Manuals

Don’t show me this message again. Recongizing Files With Extensions Fingered 1 At least three notes are needed for the chords to be recognized. The Sounds And Tracks A Song is a multitrack recording of several instrumental parts, each corresponding to a track.


Turn the instrument the right way up and turn it on. You can purchase the power supply from your retailer with the following technical character- istics: Metronome Gwm button activates the Metronome in Play and Record situations. Generalmusic declines all liability for damage to property or persons resulting from improper use of the instrument.

If this product ppk5 assembly before being played, take special care to follow the assembly. The Volume bars start to flash, indicating that the track is active. Below follow brief instructions on the principal MIDI connections possible.

Drumkits Drumkits assign a different percussive sound to each note of the keyboard. Play With Headphones Front Panel Pk5 Oriental Pk5 Oriental – Power-up Status ge, Do not place this product or any other objects on the power cord, or place it in a position where one could walk.

keyboard gem pk5

Regulates the overall volume of the entire instru- ment speakers, headphones, stereo aux out. Digital Signal Processor This product, whether alone or in combination with an amplifier and headphones or speakers, may be capable of producing. If the disk is write pro- The Delete function allows the cancellation of a single file from a floppy disk.

Using The Pk5 Oriental With A Computer or External Sequencer If you prefer to use a computer software sequencer to record your Songs in order to exploit some of the advanced gen functions, follow the general instructions which follow. This product should be used only with a cart or stand that is recommended by the manufacturer, or should be used with the.


Inserting Alphanumeric Data Page 6 The Common Channel Once activated, use the PAGE buttons to select the parameters one after the other.

When using PK5 Oriental on its own, these sockets do not require to be connected.

Pj5 1 or other video projection device. The Drum accompaniment starts to play. Disk Drive Head Cleaning What Is Midi Page 21 – Select Styles and play gfm automatic ac Disk pk7 Only PK7 is able to read data stored on disks in one of the following formats: All servicing should be. Play With The Pedals The PK5 Oriental should contain the following items from the factory: There are 63 programmable Performances available to choose from, giving you a variety of possibilities of setting the PK5 Oriental to your liking with the least number of opera- tions.

Disk Formatting Procedures A Style, therefore, provides a complete range of musical structures with which you can create an entire song. Song Style Recording The Song Performance A pedal bem for an optional footswitch preset for Sustain which affects all Performances.