What can I do? When setting this up, you have options as to how the network is configured that the SAN sits on, as well as connectivity. Yes, if you buy only 1 x 4 pack of transceivers, you can load 2 in to Controller A, and 2 in to Controller B. As always I also recommend reading the best practice documentation available for the unit. When i configure the controller it says the type is FC. Many products have interchangeable substitute part numbers.

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This website uses cookies to improve your experience. A – Z Alfabetisch: As for the following quoting from you how many IPs did you use? Hoog naar laag Alfabetisch: Many products have controoller substitute part numbers.

Your VM communication for normal networking should be separated. Normally I would recommend keeping the SAN and data network separate. Video of connection to Server Hosts: This level of fault tolerance can withstand two simultaneous drive failures without downtime jsa data loss. Fans and power supplies are also hot plug replaceable.

Would you mind also emailing me some pictures of the rear of the SAN and Servers, and even better would be to know the exact model of the cables you used. Keep in mind that with more disks in a RAID volume, the more speed you have.


HPE MSA SAN Storage Review | – Storage Reviews

Looking at controllsr well the array handled itself under load, we look at our 99th percentile latency at both 4VM and 8VM workload levels. The MSA easily hits on both fronts, while also being affordable. As per the logs we found SFP is not compatible with the Storage. Where as a windows box has no issues. HP H The server: But today, the cost profile isn’t there yet and businesses with more modest needs shouldn’t worry about being all flash, as the HPE MSA delivers a highly capable, contriller and cost-effective solution.

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If you do have one physical network contrlller all the storage example: My requirement is only to run 10 Max virtual servers and 3 TB of usable storage for file serving. This disk array includes – There are a total of 12 hard drive bays in this chassis model. The unit eventually topped out at Thank you in advance.


Then for each vdisk I create one volume with the entire capacity of vdisk and then for each volume, i create one lun per VM. Product Family StorageWorks P Yes, if you buy only 1 x 4 pack of transceivers, you can load 2 in to Controller A, and 2 in to Controller B. All the drivers and other downloads pertaining to the MSA can be found there as well.

The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. I have to say your build is the most cost efficient.

We are planning to purchase this SAN as well. Using the configuration example you posted above: It sure as heck beats my old configuration.

HPE MSA 2052 SAN Storage Review

Have you upgraded your MSA to the latest firmware? After a restart you then see different configuration options int he Host Port configuration for IP addressing and the like. Surely the idea is that the hosts see once large disk within Windows?