However, don’t expect the holy grail just yet! It can do Hz fine even at x , but when I connect it to my computer.. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Would you recommend a couple of older games which could work with a nvidia card? As far from Hold Display guys as possible!!! The glasses are bigger, uglier and it need to be reloaded.

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Instead your eyes must stay focused at the depth of the screen even as your eye’s change convergence.

It supports it, the options in the E-D Activator are: Battlefield Bad Company 2 sometimes starts with a white screen. Don’t know if the new system is backwards compatible. Combined with a polarizing filter and color filters, this changes the amount of light that passes through each color filter and changes the color and brightness of the pixel. You can read what people think of various options and setups over at this forum, http: You have to make some experiements and check both gamedisplayoptions as well as izz3d -options and see what happens.

If you have a Hz projector or notebook computer with iz3c embedded Hz display, this is the best case scenario for the iZ3D drivers.

A gamma value ahutter 1. A proper description of that mode can be found here. This is another reason why x or even x can look better than we think it should.


stereoscopic 3D + iZ3D + unity + NVidia – Unity Forum

Which build is the best one for shutters? Well, I don’t think E-D supports “sync-double” shuyter they should support “line-blanking” which is needed for interlaced mode. Last edited by Zerofool on Mon Dec 20, 5: Medal of Honor crashes in DX I am also querying NVidia Forums.

A completely new user interface in the iZ3D Control Center. However, don’t expect the holy grail just yet! If I understand your question correctly, you ask about the options to get full-rez per eye shutter mode, is that correct?

Blue is a mess, and is responsible for the color tracking seen in the previous graph. ia3d

It can be tricky to tell though, since s3d is a bit of an aquired taste and you shuttrr to tweak the settings to your own comfort levels as well. You should still be able to have the nvidia driver itself create a good active stereo signal, by using the nvidia 3D graphics driver. Now when I play anaglyph I go down to around 20 or 30 fps max.

Headplay is easily the best bang for buck on the market. Is there a way to fix this or do I have to play theses games in Interlace with lower refresh rate? That way shuttef will have no problems with sync. The future will likely be upcoming bundles of glasses and drivers, complete with proper glasses activaters that don’t shuhter need a direct link to the software.


News Published on Sunday, 17 April According to iZ3D, this isn’t really intended as a final product.

See above Burbruee wrote: Pretty sure it can do hz at p??? I believe the e-dimensional dongle has a “line-blanking” mode, which is used in conjunction with the interlaced driver. Medieval may hang when levels are loading. I don’t want to try it out myself and start my trial early before I have the glasses What about interlaced which I also heard about?

stereoscopic 3D + iZ3D + unity + NVidia

I want ix3d build an IR emittertogether with a sync box, that drives the emitter directly off the VGA cable. Stereoplugin is, if not mistaken, for when you don’t have fancy glasses, drivers, and special monitors. I had one about a year ago and sold it because it hurt my eyes and i dont wear any prescrition glasses.