Kasturirangan Committee Report On Western Ghats Pdf Malayalam. Cordiality was a raissa. Sometime despairing farmland is inflecting above the subaltern. of the Malayalam book prepared on Kasthuri Rangan Committee Report by the . Kasturirangan committee has identified 63% of the Western Ghats area as. Critical evaluation of Kasturirangan Committee report on Western Ghats, why it was not made available to public in malayalam language?.

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The measures given are to introduce fire warning systems and to cultivate increased temperature resistant trees. In Kerala, the committee has identified villages across 12 of the 14 districts as eco-sensitive areas.

Kasturirangan committee report in malayalam

The committee will also advise the government on the stand it should take on recommendations given in the report. On the other hand, the HLWG adopting an autocratic process lends its support behind the people who have been exploiting the resources of the Western Ghats with least importance to its ecological security.

When the term EFL and its validity was questioned during the initial findings of Gadgil report itself instead of clearly answering clearly and elaborating on the methodology used for the EFL determination he conveniently changed the term to ESL in the final report.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. WGEEP aggregated the data and put them in 9 sq km grid mainly for administrative convenience. ESA under the EPA is the best option available wherein conservation can be ensured without displacing people.

There is I believe a typo or data error in your article. These activities are other-wise also banned in the protected areas. The commitee should make public the pictures which they used to demarcate these areas so that the inhabitants there can actully tell them the ground realities. Decision Support and Monitoring Centre: Yes It is true ,but we must consider the real farmer also. Sector level planning in the ESA. Its decision is final! What is needed is to consider the entire area with low, medium and high fragmentation as one unit and declare them as ESA adopting a layered approach for development, so that the purpose of conservation and development needs of the people are well integrated.


The chief minister had also appealed the Left not to spread unnecessary fears and withdraw the agitations, saying that the Union minister of state for environment and forests, Jayanthi Natarajan, had assured that the Centre would consider the concerns raised by all the states. And there also constructions do not have any restriction as buildings less than 2, 15, sq ft are permitted.

This has been set aside and a decision has been imposed on the basis of a limited web-based consultation in the English language, that is totally inaccessible to the commiftee stakeholders, the people at the grass roots,” Gadgil says in his statement. More and more farmers in the mountains are com,ittee their land to quarry contractors.

He never did it. Western Ghats Ecology Authority: The Ghats, which also account for six major rivers which flow out of the mountains into the plains, are listed by Unesco as one of the top eight bio-diversity hotspots of the world. The church denounced unnecessary agitations including hartal over the issue, the statement read. While this concept borrows from some of the international initiatives where lending countries agree to write off outstanding debt one way a co,mitteethe practical feasibility of this in a federal set up like ours needs to be examined in detail, considering other priorities of the governments.

This page was last edited on 21 Decemberat The MoEF seems to have done so. WGEEP has suggested measures for water conservation and, how decentralized the water distribution system should be. The commission submitted the report to the Government of India on 31 August In a State like Kerala facing severe ecological problems where most of the rivers have become drainage channels and acute scarcity is being experienced in meeting drinking water needssuch a move will destroy the remaining water storing areas of the Western Ghats with disastrous consequences.


This act also reflects the negative approaches of the HLWG towards science. And, these are not natural units. It also gives power to the government to evict any person occupying the notified land. The destruction of the biodiversity-rich Western Ghats will not only affect the people staying in the higher ranges but all the people in the state.

Instead of discussing reports with gram sabhas, political leaders and a section of the Catholic Church have been misleading people through false campaigns.

Gadgil Committee

How the situation in kerala can be compared to Sikkim. Interacting with the audience after delivering a speech on ‘sustainable rebuilding of Kerala’ at a function organised by the Indian Association of Lawyers here, he said there were differences between the two reports on the Western Ghats. It may also have to be noted that the cultural area is under greater human pressure and are under the grip of severe environmental problems and therefore, these areas should have been brought under the ESA to facilitate ecological restoration through more environment friendly practices.

By excluding the cultural landscape from the purview of ESA, HLWG has given a green signal for their continued destruction and degradation.

The Expert Panel approached the project through a set of tasks such as:. Archived from the original on Clearly farmers would not resort to hooliganism of the kind which was perpetuated in Kozhikode and Kannur. Read 4 Comments Post a Commityee. That mean people who live that area should be like behind the bar.

Unfortunately, the HLWG not only goes in their favour, but advocates measures to protect their interest.