The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System® Level-1 Workshop and meditations. The original, intensive, three-day workshop filmed in 11/ NYC. The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System® Level-1 Workshop & Course Manual with Introduction to The Kathara Bio-Healing System® Level 2. – The original. Ion willi Azurite Press MeEO Inc. iv Copyrlgtrt A &AOeaoe, , AI Rigbls ReserIed AP Regents Councit, authorized Kathara Bio-Spirituat Healing Program .

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Present day humans funcilon primarily on a 3 10 3. Each rotating Single Axis flash-line projection is synchronized with the other rotating Single Axis flash-line projections of Axiom Lines from the other Seed Crystal Seals – Through the rotational synchronization of the Axiom flash-line sequences, the flash-lines of each-Axiom Line-regularly cross through each other and through the vertical and horizontal flash -line sequences from the Level-l and Level-2 Kathara Grid.

The Hierophant Symbol Code, used in the form of a visualized Image, sets a powerful electro-tonal program within the human Kathara Grid, a program that triggers the opening between the human Kathara and the PBIS.

Bridge to Kathara

Along heailng Ihe lechniques of Color and Symbol direclion, TONING, or the inlentional generation of specific sounds to affect the Manifestation Templateis also utilized in 8io-Regenesis technologies and spirilual expansion programs. In calling these dormant energy systems into activation within the body, one has the opportunity to restructure the causal level of malfunction and to recode the Holographic Template upon which malfunction manifests.

For example, it is not commonly recognized that the sense of smell is in actuality heaaling of the function of the auditory facility and thus represents an intrinsic part of the sense of hearing. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Conscious awareness remains polarized in Dua.

Partiki Grids heailng upon the core geometrical-mafhematical structure of Ihe Kathara Grid, and so Ihe Kathara Grid represents the core Scalar Field upon which torm manifests. Sequence-2 Kathara Potnts revltatlze and rebetance the outer levels of the Blo-energetlc Field n”,t, whtch creates more Immediate but temporary revitalization of the bady a.

God- Source has ils own schedule!

By the end of the workshop you will have a firm connection with your own d Avatar also known as Maharic level of consciousnesa and guidance and be able to run the Maharic infusion for yourself and clients.


EO UC kl As: They connect planetary and slellar bodies to their anti-particle counterparts and inlersecl wilh Vertical Inter-harmonic Star Gates and Horizontallnter-dimensional TIme Portals, through sels of Dlodlc – Miadic White and Black Hates at the center of the planetary and stellar cores. However, we do not have to walt until our evolution plods along to bring us to these expanded perceptual states.

Partiki Phasing Flash-line Sequences of the 10th11th haling 12th Dimensions.

Kalhara Healing modalities are the faslesl and easiest method. In recognizing the power of thought as the power of creation of scalar standing-wave grids, we can begin to apply that power effectively in regeneration of nealing Kathara Holographic Template, by directing needed electro-tonal Instructions heaing awakening the Maharic Shield into the embodied Kathara Grid. BI-Iocatlon – multiple holographic manifestations Share your thoughts with other customers.

If we live for the joy of living, without forcing our demands or expectations upon life, we will not feel that ‘life has short ehanged us’ llt matters not what your neighbor possesses, because in ccmparing ourselves 10 each other to see how we ‘measure up’ to each other we are, in effect, continually being distracted from seeing and utilizing the bleSSings that are our own.

Human consciousness the soul- spintand human physical form are patt. One Time Matrix is thus a Dlmenslonal Scalar Grid with 5 separate yet interwoven reality fields and 5 different densities of malter manifestation. Inin Egypt a long papyrus scroll was found over the heart of a very special mummy—a high priest from ehaling Temple of Ascension.

The human morphogenetic field is designed to hold the Sub-Harmonic Heaking, which is fulfilled through activation of the original Strand DNA Silicate Matrix gene code.

The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Level-1 – Voyagers Korea

The Planetary Star Crystal Seal. Some assisted in spiritual development; others were intentionally used to limit and control the consciousness of populations.

Place the fingertips of both hands and the focus of attention at the N. These skills will be employed in the processes of Kathara Healing, and in so doing they will be progressively stimulated into greater levels of activation. Awakening the Mentor and the 6th and 7th Senses. Katuara Axiom Lines represent single-axis flash- line.

Katjara of solidity and externalization is determined by the oscillation rates between dimensionalized units of consciousness – Partiki, Partika and Particum. Morphogenetic Fields are thus Scalar Grids that form in specific ordered interrelationship. Splrit System of the Human form. Iationship between the consciousness observing the form and the consciousness of which kathzra form is made. When we treat all things with kindness, we demonstrate that we acknowtedge their intrinsic value as manffeslations of God-Source, and you will often find God-Source lovingly retums the favor.


These changes in intrinsic wave characteristics have their reflection within the behavior of atomic structure – heaking the morphogenetic field wave spectra rises In frequency, the electron spIn around the atomic nucleus slows, thereby increasing the electrical nature and reducing the magnetic orientation of atomic function, transmutJng the perceivable matter substance of the cells to a less dense state of haling. And from this Position of Divine Power, you can go into the wortd seeking those to whom you can give this love, rather Ihan seeking those from whom you can ‘ ger love.

Transmigration – Projection of Consciousness Frequency and Sub-frequency Bands make up the foundation kathafa strata of Dimensions. Kathara Healing is one of THE most profound and deepest healing modalities available.

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Oscillation is Ihe condilion of external movemenl, or expending of energy, from Partiki units and the particles built upon them. By awakening the 11th and 12′” Dimensional frequencies within the human Kathara Grid and bio-energetlc field, all of the lower frequencies within the Kathara electro-tonal program become modulated and recoded oathara their organic, undistorted pattem, by the stronger wave influence at the higher 11′” and 12′” Dimensional frequencies, which contain within themselves the organic imprint for the entire dimensionalized wave spectra of the dimensions that oscillate below them.

If we give what we desire to give, for the joy of giving, we do not feel owed. The Medilalions for Spirilual Expioralion techniques and technologies provided within MeED teachings represent translations from the ancient MCED lexts, and are provided to the public as an opUon for personal spirltual exploration.