As much a love letter to the Big Easy as it is to the demanding (and sometimes debauched) lifestyle of a chef, horror maven Brite’s (Lost Souls) first foray. Liquor [Poppy Z. Brite] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book. Chapter One of LIQUOR. (c) by Poppy Z. Brite. It was the kind of October day for which residents of New. Orleans endure the summers, sparkling blue- gold.

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The mix of fantastic New Orleans setting, great foodie descriptions, an intimate knowledge of the underbelly of the cooking scene, and some interesting characters combine to create a fun book with a hefty dose of classic New Orleans style. The Devil You Know. Even after a number of readings, the novel is compelling. liquog

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I’ll take a “neegro” waxing poetic on a rake than hearing the empty words of a slimey, reptilian Senator. They love and support each other, shore up the other’s weaknesses and get so busy they forget to have sex. Open Preview See a Problem?

It’s a read that you won’t want to put down. The book mainly concerns these two, their offbeat ac The story begins in a pre-Katrina New Orleans with two out of work line cooks sitting in a tree while getting drunk.


Photos of the various felines are available on the “Cats” page of Brite’s website.

You’ll say, uh huh, I know these people. A couple of books before pooppy, I read Exquisite Corpse and nearly burnt the book after finishing it, such strong distaste for the subject matter I felt. If you’re not from NOLA, you probably won’t get it. Despite serious misgivings, and probably only due to the fact that New Orleans had worked its magic on me and that it was February, the worst month in San Francisco or just about anywhere, I decided to give it a try.

Not great literature, but definitely a good read. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. It was a good foodie read but I have to admit that I greatly miss the old over-the-top Poppy Z.

Liquor by Poppy Z. Brite | : Books

When Rickey concocts the idea of opening a brits in their alcohol-loving hometown where every dish packs a spirited punch, they liqur they’re on their way to the bank. The story engaged and entertained me from the start.

However unlike most novels, this relationship is implicit rather than explicit; Brite doesn’t pander to pop;y reader by explaining it all. This book also made me want to COOK and get drunk as the descriptions of food and New Orleans drinking culture are interwoven throughout the plot. Books by Poppy Z. There are two more in this series so far — Brite hasn’t been writing due to a serious depression, but I hope that she is able to return to it eventually and I’m looking forward to them.


Liquor (novel series) – Wikipedia

No, cancel Yes, report it Thanks! If you enjoy reading about food, New Orleans, alcohol, or even what it’s like to work in a restaurant, I recommend this book to you!

Strong on food and also on characters. Rickey and G-Man 6 books. Agony Column Review Archive. Yeah, know that guy too.

The charm of these books lies mostly in the brilliant characterization and the wonderful recreation of New Orleans. As characters, Rickey and Llquor also engaged me. I also love the main characters.

The Best Corpse for the Job. Plus, all the foodie details in the book gave me lots of ideas for future forays into the kitchen. We’d passed around Drawing Blood in high school like it was plppy, savoring the angst and the blood and the angsty sex and the artsy blood and gore, and then I was 30 years old and in a tourist shop in New Orleans and her new series was featured on a prominent table?

This was a quick read.