Right click and goto properties. Open that icon, and start the BT connection wizard. Reinstalling may fix it” Michel, make sure you are using the Microsoft Bluetooth, it would not work with any of the other drivers for me. When I swipe a Mii’s ID for use on another, it works properly. Views Read View source View history. Link 1 Link 2.

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There are a bunch of batch files included in the trasfer archive. Maybe this is a dumb question, but why use u16 for values that only take 1 – 8 bits?

Yeah, that’s pretty much it OK” but my Wii say me that in my wiimote there is no Miis: Try that and see Now use MiiTransfer as instructed. Select ‘Install from a bluetooyh then ‘Don’t search i will choose a driver’, now uncheck the box that says ‘Show compatible hardware’ and find the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack.

Took me most of the day… (send a Mii to the PC)

Open Device Manager and goto your bluetooth adapter. I might be willing to convert Mii’s for a couple people or something, but I’m pretty busy, not sure. Check out the Wii Portal!


Now I have the actual Mii binary file converted into a jpeg. Looking forward to your work.

Took me most of the day (send a Mii to the PC) – Nintendo Fan Club – GameSpot

It would be nice to be able to make it so that Miis perhaps created on a computer and then transferred to the Wiimote could be edited on the Wii. Here is how to transfer Bluetoot from your Wii to your Wii-Mote to your computer.

Also, in case you are interested, Mii Data structure can be found here.

Simply run the readslotALL. Converting video to Wii format. Mine connects, and sends data, but has error. It runs under Linux and uses CWiid 5: Right click and goto properties. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

My Mii Manager | – The Independent Video Game Community

Here are some links that I’ve found. Open that icon, and start the BT connection wizard. Once you have these Mii’s on your computer, transfer them back to the wii-mote using the writeslotX.

You will need to manually rename each mii to mii0. I don’t know terribly bluetopth about data allocation, but it doesn’t seem necessary to just take the lower couple of bits from a bit integer.


My Mii Manager

I just don’t want my shiny new Wii locked up. I had tried the Microsoft drivers followed directions exactly as stated in tutorial as well as the ones listed when “Show only compatible drivers” is checked.

You are now ready to launch the Mii transfer program. Link 1 Link 2.

P Yeah, that’s pretty much it If there were a Mii-sharing site, that could be a user-set option whether it was read-only for downloaders. Give you a good mapping between buttons and some particular software’s functionality? Have it search for devices, and press buttons 1 and 2 on your wiimote to ut it into discover mode. Also, where can I get the Microsoft Bluetooth stack?